A Happy and Homemade Christmas

For Christmas in 1969, one year before you were married, you had planned to go shopping right after Christmas to buy ornaments to put on your first Christmas tree as a couple. On Dec. 23, however, you were baking Christmas houskas, most people call it Czech bread, and you brushed my stocking clad foot across a kitchen throw rug that just happened to have a sewing needle stuck in it. The eye of the needle went into your foot, the point into the floor, and the middle of the needle snapped off.

Your parents took you to the hospital emergency room, but the doctor there was unable to extract it. He suggested that you see your family doctor the next day, and that doctor decided to take you to surgery right away, meaning that you were under the knife so to speak on Christmas Eve. The doctor operated for one and a half hours, but could not find the needle, so they released you from the hospital on Christmas morning. As a result, you still have the eye of the needle in your foot. It also meant that your shopping plans for clearance Christmas ornaments did not happen.

In addition to the treasures that are unpacked once a year for the Christmas tree, there are also many kinds of handmade treasures that are in use throughout your home that were created and designed by your husband. From the hardware for lazy susans that he installed in the kitchen cabinets and craft room to the dresser drawer locks that he installed when the children were first born, your husband has added a utilitarian aspect to many pars of your home. Making a house a home requires attention to many kinds of detail and it should come sa no surprise that there are many specific kinds of products like file cabinet inserts and hardware for lazy susans that can improve any space.

Hand Crafted and Build Items in a Home Allow People to Make the Most of the Spacee Where They Live

If you grew up in a home where your parents were crafty and talented you might find that the first time you move into your own space you long for the creature comforts that you are familiar with. Plenty of storage in kitchen cabinets, for example, may seen less effective if the do not include the hardware for lazy susans that were a part of your childhood home. Likewise, according to Gustave A. Larson, the new and shiny Christmas ornaments that you can buy at the store may not carry the same memories as the homemade ornaments that your mom added to the family Christmas tree.

Two years before the pandemic, as many as 14% of homeowners planned to make improvements to their kitchens. With the added amount of time that most Americans have spent at home, however, it is important to note even more people have been working to improve their homes and update their most used living spaces. With the addition of hardware for lazy susans many of the kitchen cabinets that will last for 50 years will serve even greater purposes. And given that cabinets generally account for 40% to 50% of total kitchen remodel costs, it should come as no surprise that so many people want to add all of the special features that will make their time in the kitchen more productive.

The holidays are a time when so many families pull out ornaments that they have placed on their Christmas trees for years, sometimes decades. It is also the time of year when many families spent more time in the kitchen preparing favorite family recipes in a well designed kitchen.




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