4 Steps to Make Your Home Remodeling Smooth

Every year, many American homeowners renovate or remodel their homes. Last year alone, over $300 billion was spent on home improvement products in the United States.

However, not all home improvement projects run smoothly and finish on time or within the set budget. This is primarily attributed to bad planning and project management. In this article, you will find a step by step guide that will ensure your home remodeling project is complete without a hitch.

Create a Detailed Plan for the Project

The key to a successful home improvement project lies in the details. Begin by determining the goal of remodeling and what kind of changes you want. Visualize the room as you want it to be after remodeling and list everything needed to actualize your vision.

Ensure you include the following in your project plan:

  • Sketches of how the finished project should look like.
  • Comprehensive list of everything you want and need for the project.
  • Steps of the project you can DIY.
  • Part of the project that require extra skilled professionals.

There are some types of renovations, such as garage conversions that are not allowed everywhere. Once you have a clear idea of what you hope to achieve with your home remodeling project, find out your local zoning regulations and permits needed.

For a remodel that will result in changing the use of a room or alter the structure of your house, it is highly likely you will need a permit. Before you apply for the permit, hire remodeling contractors, and come up with a timeline for the project.

Create a Budget for Your Project

Now that you have a clear picture of what you hope to achieve find out how much the entire project will cost, and determine how it will be financed. In your budget, ensure you include building materials, labor costs, and permit charges.

For your budget to be a definitive guide

  • Have professionals give you cost estimates.
  • Determine the amount of money you want to spend for your home remodeling and avail the funds before project commencement.
  • Make changes if necessary to account for the difference between expected costs and the amount you wish to spend.
  • Set aside at least an extra 10% of your budget to cover unexpected costs.
  • List all the materials along with their prices.

The budget is the roadmap for any home improvement project. The more detailed and accurate it is, the easier it will be for you and your Portland home remodeling company.

Hire a Contractor

The team you hire for the project will play a significant role not only in the outcome but how smooth the entire process will be. In addition to cost estimates and expertise, be sure to consider the following too:

  • Licensing- Ensure the contractor has all the required certifications, and they are up to date.
  • Experience- The number of years a contractor on the job and any similar jobs they have handled previously should guide you on how well they can complete your project.
  • Insurance- Your contractor should have a cover for workers’ compensation and liabilities that may result from the project.
  • Professionalism- Get in touch with some of their previous clients and find out how they conduct themselves.

Set a Timeline for the Project

Sit down with your remodeling contractors or design build contractors and determine the duration it will take for the project to be completed. This will help you prepare your family for any inconvenience, especially if you have to use a makeshift kitchen or bathroom for some time.

In Conclusion

Remodeling can give your house a new lease of life. It can also dramatically increase the value of your property if you are looking to sell the same. However, the process can be very stressful. To ensure it is not the case with you, start planning early and account for every detail, especially those that seem minor or trivial as they are easy to forget.

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