Repair and Cleaning of a Septic Tank System

A septic tank pumping can help you increase the lifespan of your septic tank and keep your pipeline system clean and without clogging. Although most people don’t focus on keeping their septic tank clean, you might want to hire a professional commercial septic pumping service twice a year to keep your system functional and without issues. Improve or replace your septic system today with the help of a professional septic tank pumping service.

Get the Perfect Tank for Your Home

Most 1000 gallon plastic septic tanks are perfect for single homes. However, if you have a sizable home, you might want to increase its capacity or find a better model. Get a single chamber septic tank or a septic tank with pump chamber.

Focus on an In-Depth Clean

Every septic tank needs in-depth cleaning to do its task without any problems. Whether your pipes are clogged or have solids inside your tank, you should call a septic tank pumping service and remove the wastewater that might compromise your system. Protect your property and keep your wastewater flowing without issues by having a reliable tank. A septic tank pumping service keeps your system clean and well-maintained. However, you might want to replace your tank with a newer one that performs better within your property. Contact us for more information.


Many homes today utilize a septic tank and system as a means of dealing with wastewater at home. While they’re very effective and functional most of the time, without a proper septic cleaning and maintenance routine, disaster can strike! An active septic system needs to be monitored and taken care of, just like any other system within the home. Working with a local plumbing company and a septic expert is the best way to find active septic solutions that fit your home and family’s unique set of needs. No two families are exactly alike and no two septic systems and septic loads will be the same either. This is why a personalized approach to septic care and maintenance is so important. To keep your active septic system running as it should, you need to follow the recommended care and maintenance guidelines suggested by your local plumbing pros. So, whether you need to add septic services to your home or upgrade or repair your current system, your local septic plumbing company will be able to help you every step of the way!

Are you confused about how to best take care of your septic system and septic drain field? Are you concerned there may be issues with your septic tank and plumbing that are just waiting to cause a major issue for you and your family? Do you have questions about the average cost to clean out the septic tank and drain fields? The best way to learn all about septic services, maintenance, and upkeep is to contact your local plumbers or septic system professionals. They have the skills and experience needed to take care of any plumbing and septic-related concerns that you may have.

Whether you are trying to figure out the average cost of having a septic tank pumped or to have a drain field cleaned and reinstalled, or you are curious about what new upgrade might be available for your home’s system, these local pros have all the answers you are looking for. So, stop stressing and start finding the assistance you need to keep everything in tip-top shape. Find out the average cost to drain a septic tank, what routine maintenance you should be doing, and how to handle a septic emergency when one occurs!

All modern properties have plumbing systems in them, and this includes not only getting clean water from municipal sources, but also using plumbing to dispose of dirty water. The idea of plumbing dates back to the Roman days, when builders used lead-coated pipes to carry water. The Roman word for “lead” is where we get lead’s atomic symbol on the periodic table (Pb) as well as the modern term “plumbing.” But what we have today is more advanced than anything that the Romans used, since as modern sewage treatment plants and water filters. Urban properties make use of communal plumbing and sewage disposal, but what about rural properties that are too far away to connect? Around 25% of American residences make use of septic tanks instead, and their owners can call upon septic system repair services, septic tank pumping crews, and more to keep this system running. What is there to know about septic system repair, and septic pumping in general?

Septic System Repair and Cleaning

What might go wrong with a sewage system so that it requires septic system repair? Or routine cleaning? For one thing, it should be noted that the sludge that builds up in the septic tank has no means of leaving the system on its own. It will continue to build up, so the system owner can use a long measuring stick and insert it to gauge how full the tank is. If the sludge fills one third to one half of the tank, the owner can call for septic pumping crews. These professionals will use a truck-mounted pump and large tube to draw out the tank’s sludge, after the crews have unearthed the tank and opened its hatch. This may be done once every few years or so to keep the tank in good shape.

Meanwhile, that septic tank might need replacement if it is very old. Worn out tanks may start leaking, and that is not good for the natural environment. So, a very old tank can be dug up and removed, and a new one can be put in its place. That new tank might be larger, if the homeowner wants it to have a higher storage capacity. Also, the filter in that tank might get clogged or damaged, preventing water from flowing deeper into the system. This calls for a thorough cleaning of the filter, or repairing or replacing it right away. That filter’s job is important.

The pipes further in the system might get clogged as debris coats the inner surface, and that restricts water flow. So, professionals can dig up those pipes and blast the debris out with pressurized water, and replace the pipes. Finally, the property owner should ensure that no vehicles are driven across the drainage field, because a vehicle’s weight will compress the earth and block the natural leaching process for the septic system. Finally, homeowners should note that some items may clog up the septic system, since the bacteria inside the tank cannot break them down. Moisturized hand towels, baby diapers, and tobacco products should not be flushed away, or they may compromise the system.





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