How to Fix a Leaky Plastic Sink Drain Pipe

Hands of Plumber with a wrench.
How to Fix a Leaky Plastic Sink Drain Pipe
Prior to beginning with solution of leaky pipe, you should try to find the main culprit from the sink drain. First of all you need to see that either your p-trap pipe is leaked or J trap. If you see that all pipes connected with each other have leakage problem then do not take time to replace them. If you think that replacement is causing you more cost then opt for repairing the pipes.

Here are some tips:

1. Put the bucket before the leaky pipe and wear your vinyl gloves for protection of your hands from the drain water containment. Turn off all the water valves and remove the leaky pipes.

2. Get the replaced pipes and put them in order to see how they fit with each other.

3. Start from top to bottom and remove the tailpipe nut by forcing it counter clockwise.

4. Remove the large nut securing P-trap via forcing it like counter clockwise.  Use channel lock pliers to remove the nuts.

5. Remove the pipe that goes in the waste lines.

6. After completely removing all the pipes, place new pipes along with new nuts.

7.  The process of placement should be as similar to removing them. Tight the nuts and check the water after completely fixing and setting the pipes.

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