Why You Need ToGet A Water Purification System Today

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If you turn on your faucet and find the water coming out has a reddish tint … and is generally disgusting to look at … then you’re likely dealing with iron laden water. The risk factors and nuisances that come with iron laden water can be daunting, but aren’t impossible to fight with a little elbow grease and a good water aeration system. Nevertheless, it is something should take seriously, and below are a few reason why … and how you can combat this issue.

What Does “Iron Laden Water” Mean?

The term “iron laden water” refers to water which has an excessive amount of iron in its system. This can be an issue whether you have well water or draw your water from a community water system. In fact, if you go without any kind of water purification system, iron can be found in your water no matter where you live.

What Kind Of Problems Can Iron Cause?

Iron can affect the taste and color of your water, which is an unpleasant experience by itself. It also causes staining on your fixtures which can be hard to get rid of, and disgusting buildup. Iron is essentially rust, and nobody likes to deal with rust. Iron laden water equals “hard water”, and hard water causes your appliances to run with 48% less efficiency. Another problem you’ll encounter with iron is…

Iron Doesn’t Come Alone

Iron in water often comes with manganese, which can add further staining—this time to your clothes! Yes, manganese can get into the water you’re using to wash your clothes, leaving blackish stains that are very difficult to clean. Iron can also be accompanied by anything from sulfur to arsenic, which can do anything from ruining your drinking experience to causing serious health issues.

How Do I Get Rid Of Iron?

A common method of iron filtration is to install an iron shower filter; however, these are obviously confined to one type of appliance, and due to their dealings with extreme heat, can be less than 100% effective. A whole house water purification system is the only way you can rid yourself of all contaminates in your water.

What Else Can What Purification Do For Me?

A water purification system lengthens the lives of your appliances, which are often shortened by the saturation of chlorine. Chlorine also causes headaches and irritates your eyes, while contaminates like sulfur adds a rotten egg scent to your water and turn copper plumbing black. There are virtually no drawbacks to using a water filtration system, while the benefits are too numerous to count.



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