What Glass Mosaic Backsplash Can Do For You

For many centuries, tiles made of class, ceramic, porcelain, and more have been used to decorate walls, floors, and swimming pools, and mosaic tiles have a long history in art, too. One may recall the mosaic art of the Byzantine Empire, for example. Today, tiles certainly still have their time-honored place on all sorts of surfaces, from a home kitchen or bathroom wall or floor to a subway and swimming pools both private and public. Popular tile designs change as public taste does, but glass mosaic tile backsplash patterns may make any room look attractive and even a bit larger, too. Mosaic pool tiles and waterline swimming pool tile are another fine way to make use of tiles. Shower tiles, subway tiles, and more are even more places where tiles serve a purpose. What is there to know about glass mosaic tile backsplash design for the home? Will glass mosaic tile backsplash patterns be what a room needs?

Tiles Everywhere

Tiles are produced in vast numbers, and they vary in size, color, and even material. Some industries make a great deal of use out of them, such as swimming pool construction and maintenance, home remodeling, and subways. During the last five years, for example, the American swimming pool construction industry has grown around 3.8% or so, reaching revenue close to $9 billion in 2018. This also means that more tiles are being made and used than ever before, both mundane white tiles on a pool’s walls and its decorate tiles alike. Any pool renovation job may include scraping off damaged tiles and plaster and putting down fresh materials. Subway stations are another fine place for tiles, and have been used there since the early 1900s or so. Those white tile formations reflected light easily and were tough and resisted stains and messes.

Indoor spaces are another fine place for tiles, especially in a person’s house. Bathroom and kitchen floors tend to be either linoleum or tile, and their walls are bound to have some tiles, too. Why? Tiles don’t absorb odors or stains, and they’re tough and attractive, too. Tiles are water resistant, making them a fine choice for a bathroom, such as when a person steps out of the tub or the shower. Something similar can be said for the kitchen, where spills might sometimes happen. A carpet would absorb all sorts of stains in the kitchen, but tiles won’t.

Tile Design

What do tiles look like? This varies based on where they are being placed and what the designer wants. In a swimming pool, for example, most of the tiles will probably be blank white square tiles, but some parts of the pool call for something more specialized. On the waterline, for example, darker tiles of different colors can be used to clearly mark the water’s line, and this is both attractive and a useful visual reference for pool occupants. Similarly, the broad, shallow steps leading into a pool will have decorative tiles on their edges, so that someone stepping on them can easily see where the steps end and avoid falling over. In a swimming pool, a person may even have decorative mosaics made. These mosaics make use of countless, tiny square tiles of different colors (whether ceramic or glass) to create visual patterns. A swimming pool, for example, may have images of mermaids, dolphins, and more placed in it to create an ocean theme, and public spa pools might have a similar pattern to make guests feel at ease.

Indoors, tiles can be used for their visual appeal as well as their water-resistant nature. In a kitchen, the walls can be made to pop when glass mosaic tile backsplash design is put in place, and this can make a kitchen feel like new. Something similar can be done in the bathroom, and a homeowner might even have contractors install glass mosaic tile backsplash arrays in both the kitchen and the bathroom. After all, home remodeling can be a great investment since the home will be more valuable and desirable on the real estate market. This can generate a high ROI, or return on investment, in any remodeling job. That certainly includes tiles in the kitchen and the bathroom, among other hardware upgrades.




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