What are the basics of a roof?

What are the basics of a roof?

A roofing system is a highly advanced system of components that work together and do much more than keeping water out. A properly designed roofing system keeps the attic cool and dry. It makes your home a comfortable place to be. Here are the components of a well-designed roofing system.

High-Performance Leak Barrier
A high-performance leak barrier protects the most vulnerable areas of a roof like the eaves in valleys and chimney and plumbing vents.

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Roof Deck Detection
It helps prevent the wind to drive rain from getting into your house. People used roof felt for roof deck detection, but nowadays, people use high-performance products that provide long-term protection.

Drip Edge
Drip edge is a component that people use to keep water away from the roof edges and provide a clean finish for their roof.

Starter Strips
They are installed at the eaves by homeowners using a factory adhesive to tightly lock the first row of their shingles in place to prevent blow-offs.

Ridge Vents
Contractors recommend Ridge vents alongside soffit vents in eaves intake for homeowners to allow hot, moist damaged air to escape from the attic.

Ridge Cap Shingles
Homeowners use them to give the roof a nice look and match the performance of their roof shingles.

Homeowners should ensure residential roofing services install all components when roofing their house and don’t skip any cost.

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