Weird Roofs From Around the World

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Just about a month ago, a farmer in Bern, Switzerland found one of his cows in the one of the most unlikely places: on top of the roof of his farmhouse. The farmer still does not know exactly how the cow got up there, but he was able to get the cow down. The cow broke some of the roof’s slate tiles in the process, though. Luckily, Canadian homeowners shouldn’t have to worry about bovine on their roofs. Design and the various metal roofing types is fair game. Here are some of the wackiest roofs from all over the world to inspire you.

The Roof That Isn’t A Golf Course

This roof in Singapore may look like a golf course, but looks can be deceiving. In actuality, “The School of Art, Design and Media at the Nanyang Technology University in Singapore, recently got a new roof that distinguishes itself from other buildings in the campus. And no, if you were thinking, it’s a not a golf course. It’s an organic, vegetated roof that creates and open space, insulates the building, cools down the air and harvests rainwater for self irrigation,” Decoist explains. In other words, types of roofing materials are not confined to metal and wood. Creative and eco-friendly homeowners may want to consider something much more creative — like a roof made out of sustainable vegetation.

Turn Your World Upside Down

Some architects took roof replacement and roof types and shapes to whole new levels, with a literal upside down house. “There are architects, and then there are architects who would like to express their feelings about the way things go in this world. And how better way to do it if not by building an upside down house?” Decoist chimes in. The roof of this particular house resembles brick and stone mortar. The foundation, on the other hand, looks uncannily like a rooftop.

All metal roofing types are not created equal — and there are plenty of ways to make home design, including roof design, truly unique.




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