Video Monitoring The Best Alarm System?

Video monitoring is one of the best kinds of alarm systems to have. When it comes to different types of alarms, there are fire alarms, etc. However, something that can not always be detected, in relation to who broke in, is that of a break-in. As such, alarms related to video monitoring are a great way to detect when an unwanted visitor comes into your house undetected. This is one of the reasons why 24 7 home monitoring is important. This not only makes use of a burglar alarm, but it also potentially identifies the person behind the break-in as well. As such, this can help them to get arrested. Now, there are also different kinds of systems as well, such as 1 security services, and a 2 alarm security device. One is more expensive than the other, but it offers double protection, through video footage, an alarm system, and the incident that took place, which can be connected to various devices as well. These are some of the benefits that security systems provide for many.

Security is a serious issue for business owners, home owners, schools, banks and every day civilians crossing the road. Wireless security cameras systems make easy to thwart crime, solve crime and keep crime away. The best alarm systems are those equipped with security cameras. The video surveillance industry of today is growing fast and is currently worth over an estimated $5 billion and is projected to reach over $25 by 2016. There’s a reason for that incredibly fast growth.

There are indoor monitors and outdoor security camera systems outside most schools today. Nearly eighty percent of high schools, seventy five percent of middle schools and fifty two percent of primary schools use security cameras to monitor their schools. It’s easy to know the whole story in certain circumstance when the whole thing is being recorded. Video surveillance helps keep schools safe the same way it does for banks or grocery stores or movie theaters. It stops crime. In cities where cameras are installed, average monthly crime counts for drug-related offense and robberies fell by nearly a third compared to cities without them.

In fact, crime rates drop wherever there is monitoring. In parking lots, surveillance systems are most effective as parking lots with wireless ip security cameras resulted in a fifty one percent decrease in crime. That’s over half of the amount of crime disappearing because of the use of some of video surveillance. Not only that, but people feel more safe with the use of video monitoring. A 2013 New York Times/CBS poll found that 78% of people supported the use of surveillance cameras in public places.

Home security monitoring is also a very big part of the market today. There are many home security products but the best alarm systems are the ones that include video monitoring. Video monitoring makes it simple to solve a break in, or to stop one from even happening. Stopping crime outside your home is easy if a suspect sees a camera, but if they don’t, it is also easy to identify them afterwards. Home security is important for every homeowner or family member, and by updating your system with video surveillance, it makes your home that much safer.








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