Traditional Paint Can Make You Sick! Before You Re-Paint Your Home, Consider The Benefits Of Low VOC Paints

More and more consumers are seeing the benefits of low VOC and VOC free paints. In fact, the low VOC paint market is expected to grow by 6.45% by 2023. But what are VOCs, and why should you start using them?

If you’re considering painting your home, understanding the benefits of low VOC paints is important. VOC stands for “volatile organic compound”, and it primarily refers to chemicals that start to vaporize when exposed to indoor temperatures and pressure. Common types of these chemicals can include formaldehyde, benzene, flammable alcohol, gasoline, cleaning solvents, and toluene. While it may sound surprising, these chemicals can be found in many items that we have contact with daily, these can include paint, makeup, carpets, and air fresheners.

While some are more toxic than others, the health effects of VOCs are very real. If you’ve ever been painting a room and developed a headache, or began to feel weak or nauseous, that was due in large part to the VOC vapors in the air. The classic fresh paint smell is actually caused by these chemicals which can linger in the air for years even after you’ve stopped smelling the odor.


Low VOC is also low odor paint. It lacks the VOCs or possesses them in much lower quantities than traditional paint options. Guidelines exist that specify the amount of VOCs that can be in paint, and the ranking system is as follows.

  • Minimal to No. 0-0.29% VOC.
  • Low. 0.3-7.99% VOC.
  • Medium. 8-24.99% VOC.
  • High. 25-50%
  • Very High. Greater than 50% VOC.

The Benefits Of Low VOC Paint

There are many reasons why consumers are turning towards Low VOC paints. A couple of the most significant are:

  • Air Quality. Low VOC also means low odor paint, so you won’t have to worry about any foul paint smells, or VOCs in the air polluting your home. VOCs are some of the most prevalent forms of in-home air pollution. In fact, this type of pollutant has been found to be two to five times higher in homes than in outside environments. If not properly ventilated can cause health issues and even certain types of cancer over time. Don’t take chances here, low odor paint isn’t only saving your nose, it’s helping keep the air in your home clean and breathable.
  • Eco Friendly. VOCs don’t just harm us, but they can harm the environment. If everyone started using low odor paint, the overall pollution levels would be reduced by a tangible quantity. Likewise, the paint couldn’t go on to contaminate landfills or groundwater tables. Both in our homes and at our workplaces we can help reduce a bit of pollution by changing the way we paint.
  • Low Odor. As mentioned above, this is a low odor type paint. The traditional strong paint smell is caused by VOCs and can be overwhelming to those who are sensitive. By changing to a low VOC paint, you not only help your overall health, but you don’t have to worry about pungent smells in your home after painting.

Low odor paint with little to no VOCs is not only healthier, but it can be easier to clean, and longer-lasting than traditional alternatives. There’s a reason so many people are turning to this option for all of there home renovation needs. If you want to learn more, reach out to a paint supplier or home specialist near you. Your whole home will thank you for making the switch.



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