Tips for Preparing Your House for Sale

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If you’re selling your house, you may not know where to start the process of turning it from a living space into real estate for sale.

Your first step should be to stop thinking about the home as your home as quickly as you can. Remember, it’s just real estate for sale and you’re looking to profit. Once you let go of your home, it will be much easier to clean and stage it for potential buyers and real estate auctions.

Cut down on clutter. If you haven’t used something in more than a year, you probably won’t need it again. Donate or throw away items you don’t use or won’t need before buyers come knocking, and keep essential items in a box that can be easily stored during open houses. This isn’t just great for your visitors. It also gives you a great chance to get a head start on packing!

Don’t settle for just de-cluttering what potential buyers can see. Plenty of buyers will want to open closets and cabinets to check out organization space. If they see neatly stacked dishes, lined up shoes and uniformly organized closets, they’ll be much more inclined to believe you took good care of the rest of the house as well.

While you’re cleaning, start depersonalizing your home as much as you can. You want real estate searchers to be able to picture themselves in your home. Take down photos and heirlooms so potential buyers can picture the decorations they may put up when they live in the home.

Consider renting a storage unit if you’re having trouble finding somewhere to stow your items. Pieces of furniture that clutter walkways can be stored, and so can bookshelves and extra leaves from the dining room table. Leave enough furniture that buyers can get a sense of each room, but don’t leave so much that they can’t walk around.

If there are built-in items you’re planning to take with you, it’s best to remove them so the buyer doesn’t get overly invested. This includes items like curtains, chandeliers and appliances that the buyer may assume you’ll leave behind. If they don’t see them, they won’t want them, but if they do, they can become a make-or-break factor in your real estate deal.

Once you’ve cut down on clutter, clean your house and make any minor repairs you can. Realtors and buyers will thank you, and your real estate for sale won’t be for sale very long!
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