Tips for Portable Restroom Rentals

This video talks about portable restroom rentals and some tips for people who may need to rent a portable potty for an outdoor event. One tip for portable restroom rentals is to consider the number of people who will attend the upcoming event and how frequently they may need to use the bathroom. Typically, people use the bathroom once every three hours.

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However, the frequency can be much higher at events where a lot of drinking occurs. More bathrooms may need to be ordered if that’s the case. One restroom per 100 guests is a good number of potties for an event that will last up to six hours.

The restrooms should be strategically placed so that the service technicians can get to them easily. There should be approximately 50 inches of clearance from the fence. Additionally, the person renting the porta potty will need to consider adding some additional security features if there’s a risk that someone will try to use the potties without permission. Locks are available for an extra charge so that portable potty customers don’t have to worry about trespassing overnight. Those who do not want to pay the extra money can consider using zip ties to keep people out. They can be just as effective.







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