Three Ways Those Leaks in Your Basement Are Damaging Your House

Basement leaks when it rains

Many homeowners underestimate the role that maintaining good foundation repair has in the overall health and structural integrity of their homes.

So if you have noticed that your basement leaks when it rains — or even floods — your home could be in worse shape than you think. It’s essential to invest in a foundation sealing or basement waterproofing as soon as possible in order to prevent thousands of dollars in repair expenses later on.

Want to know just how damaging basement water leaks can be to your entire home? Here are the top three ways that basement cracks and leaks take their toll on the home:

Basement water leaks affect your home’s structure

Your foundation is the part of the home that literally keeps it from collapsing. So when water starts leaking through the foundation and into the basement, this water damage will inevitably compromise your home’s structural integrity. Common effects of this include sagging floors, doors and windows no longer latching correctly and cracks in the walls of your home.

Basement water leaks are bad for your health

Did you know that mold can start growing in your basement in just 24 to 48 hours of moisture leaking through the foundation? Mold isn’t just smelly and unpleasant to look at — it’s a major health hazard, especially for people and animals with respiratory health concerns. In addition, mold removal can cost thousands of dollars.

Basement cracks and leaks make your house less energy-efficient

If you’re noticing a marked increase in your monthly energy bills, it may be because of those water leaks in your basement. Foundations help keep a home insulated, so when a foundation is compromised, so is its ability to keep your house’s temperature regulated.

What are your thoughts on the damaging effects of basement water leaks? Feel free to share your thoughts and ask any questions about basement waterproofing by leaving a comment below. Learn more about this topic here. More info like this.




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