Three Easy Rodent Control Methods That All Homeowners Should Know

Pest control process

Seeing a mouse in the house can give any homeowner a fright. But the problem with a rodent infestation is that it’s not always a one-time occurrence, and there’s often no way to tell if there’s another mouse nearby. For example, a female mouse can have between five and 10 litters per year, which typically contain about five or six babies. If you think your home is immune from the problem, though, think again: as many as 82% of homes in the United States have mouse allergens as the result of an infestation. Allergens are often the least of a homeowner’s concerns, though: mice and rats can spread disease and leave dropping around a house, and if left unchecked, they can damage a home buy chewing on wires or burrowing into walls.

Getting a cat may be the answer for some, but that’s not a foolproof plan. True rodent control methods will ensure that this issue won’t reoccur. Try these three pest control solutions if you’ve seen a mouse (or mice) in your house:

    1. Secure all doors and windows: Sometimes it’s easy for mice and other rodents to get into a home if a door has been left open or if a window isn’t secured. Other spaces, such as the basement or attic, may also lead to a rodent problem if they have vulnerable spots where the animals can get in. Make sure that your home doesn’t have any open windows or doors where the mice may get in, and if not, then proceed to the next suggestions.

    2. Set some traps: Most commonly, you can set glue traps to catch mice. There are other rodent control methods, including cages and spring-loaded mouse traps, that can also help with this problem. If you don’t have any other pets or small children, you may consider leaving out poison, but this may be a last resort for homeowners who want to be more humane.

    3. Call a professional: If you don’t want to deal with rodents yourself, or if your traps have failed, then it may be time to call pest control. A professional exterminator can determine which rodent control plan will work best for your home, and they can also check for other pests, including termites, ants, and other common household nuisances. A rodent control company can also check your home for damage and make recommendations on preventing this problem from happening again.

Have more questions about how to best utilize these rodent control methods in your home? Get in touch with a pest control services company to find out more. You can also leave a comment with any questions or suggestions for dealing with mice, rats, and other creatures.




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