The Right Fence For Your Property

Fences are a common sight, both on private properties and for dividing property elsewhere such as for farms. Fences are meant primarily to prevent unwanted people or animals from entering a property, but fences can serve more functions in addition to that. A good fence may also block other people’s sight onto a property, offering a measure of privacy. Or, fences might be used as landscaping as well, since they are often attractive to look at. Various types such as a chain link fence, a brick wall, wrought iron fences and gates, and wood and bamboo fences are all out there. An interested homeowner may be interested in fence panels, or pre-fabricated sections of a fence that can be rapidly assembled to create the entire product. Fence panels tend to be made of wood or bamboo, and fence panels can be swapped out and replaced if they are damaged. A wood fence should be properly installed so that it can do its job, and fence installation can be done just right when contractors are hired.

Types of Fences

There is more than one way to build a fence, and the fence’s material may affect its price, appearance, and level of security. One of the most basic types is a chain link fence, a common sight. The advantage to such fences is that they are easy to install and maintain, and they allow a person to see their surroundings if they want to. In an attractive area, a homeowner may not want to block their nice view with a wooden or brick fence, so a chain link fence can do the job. Such fences are adept at keeping wildlife or stray dogs away with their tough metal wires. These fences have minimal use as landscaping, however, since they are not particularly attractive. What is more, these fences are notoriously easy for people to climb, and in areas with crime concerns, such fences may do little to keep a burglar away from a property.

Fence panels may be found on wooden or bamboo fences. In this case, the fence is more expensive and labor-intensive to install, but the end result may be highly attractive to the property owner. These fences are often painted, and wood and bamboo are considered attractive materials anyway. In contrast to chain link fences, they block anyone from seeing through them, which can give a homeowner a much-desired sense of privacy and also keep thieves from spotting expensive landscaping items. These fences are difficult to climb on their outer side, but those who buy wooden fences should note that the other side is indeed easy to climb. Wooden fences have cross beams to support them, and these can make for convenient ledges for climbing. If a fence is installed facing the wrong way, a person on the outside can easily climb over the fence and reach the property, which can be a real security issue. Anyone who gets a wooden fence must be sure that those ledges are on the inside, and not facing outside.

Fence Installation

The fence installation industry is a big one, seeing how these features are popular for both private properties and public ones alike, including parks. Today, the fencing industry generates an impressive $55 billion in revenue, and it has grown by 6.3% over the past five years. Thousands of companies today offer fence installation services, and this industry employs over 270,000 people to install chain link fences or put up fence panels alike. What is more, a report done by the Grand View Research, Inc. has predicted that the American fencing market may reach $11.68 billion in value by the year 2025. Right now, the American residential sector and real estate development are on the rise, and this comes with an increasing demand for fencing on new or existing properties.

Simpler fences can be installed when a homeowner works alone, such as digging fence posts into soft earth and building a small fence. Tougher ground calls for special tools to create fence post holes, and this requires that a crew of professionals handle the job. Professionals can create a large, long fence of the desired material around a property, and also install manual or motorized gates for people and cars.




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