The 3 Reasons Why Your Project Needs Miami Impact Doors

The Southernmost coastal areas of the United States are bound to see more activity during this hurricane season. Hurricane season lasts from June 1st until November 30th. This means there’s plenty of time for a storm to brew and cause extreme damage. Homes, office buildings, hotels, and shops all need proper protection from the conditions a hurricane can create. The damages Hurricane Harvey and Irma from last year are among the worst outcomes these storms can result in, and it’s your job to protect your building project from damages. You cannot stop the path of a hurricane, but you can help reduce the possible damage. This is where miami impact doors comes into play. High impact windows and doors can save any building from a lot of potential damage due to wind, rain, and debris.

1. They withstand high winds

One of the major parts of a dangerous hurricane are high force winds. Those winds can easily pick up debris and throw it in any direction, force trees and branches to snap, and even weaken the structure of a building. High winds can be enough to rip a building to shreds. During hurricane Irma, winds climbed up to 185 miles per hour. We have all seen the path of destruction a hurricane can leave, and the damage they leave behind. Miami impact doors are specially created to withstand these extreme windy conditions and protect any building from a coming hurricane. These are not just any regular sliding glass door systems. With a special impact glazing system, miami impact doors could protect any interior from hurricane Irma-level winds.

2. Hurricane impact doors may prevent flooding

A hurricane will no doubt bring an extreme amount of rain, which in some areas will result in high flood waters. Last year, hurricane Harvey did the most damage with it’s rainfall alone. Flood waters can easily make their way into your buildings through simple cracks and micro sized crevices in between doors and windows. Any amount of flood water entering a building can cause extreme damage to the flooring and walls. Fortunately, miami impact doors can also help prevent the threat of flood water. Miami impact doors are installed to be nearly flawless in their fit, without any cracks present. They can certainly be entirely waterproof and lessen the chances of flood water entering a building.

3. Reinforced even when weakened

If the glass of a miami impact door is ever cracked or shattered, there is still an element of protection. The glass is held by the impact coating layer, which continues to protect the interior of the building. Debris will never smash through the glass parts of an impact door.



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