Terrazzo is the Perfect Flooring for High-Traffic Areas that Require Little Maintenance

Marble cleaning

There are many beautiful floor cover options to consider, if you’re interested in staying away from hardwood flooring or carpeting. All of these flooring options are relatively easy to maintain: marble cleaning, granite cleaning, travertine cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning in general are all much easier tasks that hardwood floor refinishing.

But if you’re looking for a truly durably and low-maintenance floor, you can’t overlook the convenience of terrazzo floors. Terrazzo is made of mostly crushed marble and other materials that is mixed with a binder and then poured, ground, polished, and sealed. Terrazzo is very long-lasting and has been used for thousands of years in European buildings. Terrazzo will look just as good years after it is installed.

Terrazzo is used for all different surfaces, floors, countertops, stairs, fountains, columns, etc. However, its primary use is for floors in high-traffic areas where minimal maintenance is critical. Terrazzo cleaning is a pretty low-maintenance job. Terrazzo can have a variety of finishes, so it can look more sleek, or more rustic.

Terrazzo floors are also popular because terrazzo can be very easily customized. Using divider strips, just about any design can be created, such as company logos, maps, or school/club/society badges.

Terrazzo does not need to be protected from wear and tear, it instead needs t obe protected from stains and absorption. Once the terrazzo is polished, it’s very important to use a seal to fill all the holes in the concrete to it won’t absorb anything else.

Terrazzo is very porous, and will be very easily stained or etched. If you leave spills, be they acidic drinks or cleansers, on the floor for too long, then they might etch the surface of the floor.

Terrazzo floors can be beautiful, but as with any floor, the key to keeping them looking good is regular terrazzo cleaning. Make sure you sweep your floors regularly to keep dirt and grit from scratching the floor. If there are any spills on the floors, wipe them up quickly before they can stain. Enjoy your beautiful new terrazzo floors! Read more about this topic at this link.




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