Soffit and Fascia Bat Removal

Bats are more common in homes than you might imagine. Bat control is something that many homeowners need to consider but may not be prepared for. Though you might imagine that an exterminator is your best bet, there are means of removing bats without harming them, without harming yourself, and without causing any trouble.

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The first step is to identify the entry point and where they are getting in and out of the soffit.
After you figure out where they are getting in, you can start to determine how to get them out and what areas you are going to have to close up after you have had them removed. A bat valve is put in place that allows the bats to get out but not go back in. After a time, the bats will go out to get food or water and they will not be able to get back in. Since they cannot get back in, they will then move on and find a new place to live. After that, the hole can be filled to keep them from getting back in and keep them from infesting the area again after they have been removed.






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