Simple Way of Upgrading Your Kitchen or Bathroom Baseboard Cabinets

Owning a house is a dream that many have, and with it comes some major decisions you’ll have to make to ensure you create a home out of it — everything from choosing your bathroom tiles to paint colors, furniture, and appliances. With all these factors to consider and critical decisions to make, it often easy for new homeowners to overlook, or rather hard to remember, the important aspect of hardware design when building or moving to a new house. For some homeowners, it easily becomes an afterthought, when everything else has to find a place in the house.

But a decorative cabinet door can bring a serious visual appeal to your living room, or functional hardware products like childproof locks to prevent them from accessing your drawers. Door and cabinet hardware and accessories also improve the way you interact with your furniture daily. The number of times you access your cabinet and drawers throughout the day, it makes sense why a well-made piece of cabinet hardware is a good investment.

Types of Hardware Products for Your Bathroom or Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets

As a worthy investment, a quality cabinet hardware enhances the functionality and improves the look on your piece of furniture — whether its a bathroom vanity or a kitchen cabinet. If you’re planning to remodel or set up a completely new kitchen or bathroom, you will need the following tips to help you find the right cabinet hardware for your space.

When it comes to choosing cabinet hardware, you have three options: furniture knobs and pulls, or a combination of both hardware. And while you’re not restricted to any particular option since it all depends on your preference, most people prefer to have pulls on drawers, and knobs on cabinets as it’s a lot easier to for access. However, there’re exceptions for instance when installing hardware for bathroom cabinets, it’s often recommended to have it vertical.

If you’re aiming to draw attention to existing furniture, something as a console table, consider small knobs for ultimate visual impact over the large ones. The idea is to find functional hardware that will suit your lifestyle.

Decorative Knobs and Pulls


Knobs are the smaller versions of handles and are ideal for both cabinets and drawers. They are less expensive and relatively easier to install than other cabinet hardware products as it only attaches to the surface with a single screw.

Upgrade your cabinets with pulls for a chance to display your personality and refresh your home. Visit Pulls are larger than knobs offering a good grip and quick access to particular large drawers and cabinets. They cost more than knobs and are available in a range of styles to choose from.

After choosing a hardware type, your next decision is to pick a style that complements your furniture and space best. Cabinet hardware products come in different styles from ridged, curved to textured hardware, with distinct traditional or contemporary appeal. If your space is adorned with modern cabinetry, consider knobs or pulls with minimal profile to blend with the sleek and fine edges of the furniture.

Lastly, think about the finish. Decorative knobs and pulls are good for adding contrast to your space, and so you should be aiming to achieve a perfect blend across your appliances, lighting, faucet, and other kitchen or bathroom fixtures. Brass hardware products are known to add a classic and vintage feel to the room, while the contemporary look is best achieved with cooler tones cabinet hardware

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