Signs It’s Time To Renovate Your Master Suite

Home sweet home.

Or is it?

Studies have shown 85% of homes were built before 1980. These older homes require renovations, maintenance, and improvements at their age to stay in tip-top shape. This renovation rule especially applies to the master suite in your home—the room you probably do most of your sleeping, pampering, and relaxing in.

So if your house is starting to feel less like home, it may be time to think about master suite renovations.

However, if you’re still on the fence about making that decision, here are a few signs that it’s time for a drastic bedroom makeover.

Your kids have moved out or gone off to school

Home remodeling is usually the cure for empty nest syndrome. It occupies your time and gives you a new series of projects to work on.

So if your children have gone off to college or moved out of the house, who’s to say you can’t spruce up your place with some new wallpaper and furnishings?

Though, you can also remodel their childhood rooms and add that pool table or massage chair you’ve always wanted, the wisest investment would be to transform your master bedroom.

This will add more value to your home, and you will also feel cozier when you go to bed at night. The best part is you’ll have the time and energy to make all of these improvements. Now that the kids are out of the house.

So if you’re a parent considering master suite renovations, go for it. You’ve definitely earned it.

You live in an older home

Renovating your home is easier and smarter than purchasing a new one. It’s also cheaper than a putting down a downpayment, and you can add an outdoor kitchen, a garage addition, and more. You also won’t have to leave your cherished memories behind.

Identifying an older bedroom is easy. You need to look for these master suite renovations signs:

  • The ceiling is covered in outdated popcorn texture.
  • There are limited light sources or no windows to let in the morning light.
  • There is no private lead-in into the master bath.
  • There isn’t enough space.
  • The old carpet is covered in stains.

If you feel like your bedroom is outdated, it probably is.

Termites have caused significant damage in the home

If your house has a bad past with termites, it’s time to remodel.

This isn’t necessarily for cosmetic reasons since termites threaten the integrity of your home. After you’ve called an exterminator and the insects have been eradicated, rebuilding and remodeling should be the next step on your list.

However, remodeling is also a way to prevent future potential damage. Aging wood also invites more swarms to move in and make themselves at home.

Mold has caused significant damage to your home

Mold, like termites, thrives when your home is outdated. One way to protect your entire home against these factors is to rebuild the largest rooms and areas—the master suite, for example.

If you’ve been wanting to remodel for a while, and mold has destroyed certain areas of your home in the past, now it’s time to add a few windows, furnishings, new flooring and more.

Wrapping up

Your master suite is the heart of your home. If you want to improve your home’s resale value and protect it against termites and mold, make sure it’s always up to date with the latest renovations. If you’re still unsure about deciding to conduct master suite renovations, use these signs as a guide to help steer you in the right direction.

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