Refrigerator, Dryer, and Washing Machine Repairs

Refrigerator repairs

When it comes to being a homeowner, things breaking down or needing to be replaced is a part of life. The appliance can be a significant expense if they need to be replaced, so when you?re having a problem, it is important to know the estimated life or your appliance and how much the possible repair costs will be. Refrigerator, range, dryer, and washing machine repairs can be expensive, so you have to weigh that cost against the expense of a new appliance.

A gas range should last at least 15 years before you have to consider replacing it. A refrigerator should last at least 13 years. A dryer should last a good 13 years, and your washing machine should last at least ten years. These are, of course, general averages. An appliance could last much longer, and occasionally, appliance lasts less than these averages. However, as long as the appliance is well maintained, it should last.
Keeping appliances well maintained means keeping them clean. This includes emptying lint traps, cleaning filters, and keeping debris out of burners. It is suggested that you seasonally, move your appliances to vacuum out any dust or debris that settles on them. Dryer vents should be regularly checked to make sure they are clear of debris.

Washing machines and dryers are probably the most likely to get dirty and also to be negatively impacted by the dirt and debris. Washing machine repairs can be costly if the machine needs a new motor or something like that, but they could also be minor. Washing machine repairs could be as simple as cleaning the gunk and residue out that has clogged the machine. Laundry detergents and fabric softeners can leave a residue that will build up over time.

Dryer repair is also very often a simple matter. Many people don?t realize that if their dryer vent gets blocked for any reason, that can lead to slower drying times and lint build up. Dryer vents are most often blocked by leaves, branches, or birds trying to build a nest in a warm spot.

When providing the suggested lifespan of an appliance, this wasn?t to suggest they wouldn?t need to be repaired during that time. 20% of dishwashers break within three to four years. 28% of refrigerators with icemakers will break within three to four years, and 25% of front-loading washing machines will break within three to four years. An experienced appliance repairman can fix all these and help you keep the appliance running for its full intended life.

Dishwashers have the shortest proposed life of nine years, but there is still a chance they will break down before then. Dishwasher repairs can be frustrating, especially if it broke while full of dirty dishes. However, you won?t have to worry about a thing with the right repair guy.

Ovens can be tricky because you might not even notice there is something wrong right away. Similar to the dryer, it may just start taking longer for things to get done. The casserole that was usually done in 30 minutes now takes 45 minutes. When you notice this happening, call your repairman. It might just be some simple oven repairs and then it will be good as new.

For refrigerator repairs, there are a few common issues. One being the ice maker breaks. Refrigerators with ice makers need to be repaired statistically more than refrigerators without ice makers. Your refrigerator may also be failing to maintain its temperature or freezing up. Each of these is repairable issues.




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