Rain, Rain, Go Away, Leave My Basement Alone Today

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This spring has brought heavy rains, causing flooding in many homeowners’ basements. The excess water can do severe damage to a home’s foundation, as well as it structure, leading to mold if left untreated.

For this reason, many people are turning toward exterior and interior basement waterproofing. As water seeps into the foundation, it can enter the basement, causing flooding. Even though house foundation repair costs can be high, it is critical for homeowners to seal these cracks, and invest in waterproofing to keep their house safe.

Here are few methods waterproofing experts use.

  • Hydroclay. Known as the waterproofing version of bentonite clay, hydroclay is known for its ability to absorb water. This clay can be injected around the exterior of a house, and seeps into any cracks in the foundation. As rain water tries to sneak through the foundation, the clay will absorb the water and hold it in place, keeping it from entering the interior of a house’s basement. This method can be considered a permanent way to seal off your basement from any water leakage.
  • Sump Pumps. In most homes, a basement sump pump is one of the best ways to protect a house from excess water. A sump pump is an electrical device that is designed to remove water from a sump basin that collects water. There are two different types of pumps, namely pedestal and submersible. Many homes use submersible pumps because the motor is located inside the pump and cannot be seen, but pedestal sump pumps typically last longer. To help prevent flooding, waterproofing experts not only recommend investing in house foundation repair costs, but also installing a sump pump.
  • Resealing Bulkheads. Bulkhead basements are ones that offer an exterior entrance to the basement using stairs. They are typically made using angled doors in order to keep rain out, but often times, heavy rains can be too much for these doors. In this case, the bulkhead steps have to be resealed and repacked. This requires a degree of excavation, and can be costly, but might be the best way to save these basements from constantly flooding.

These are only a few ways to help keep water out of your home. As long as you invest in at least one type of exterior foundation waterproofing, as well as a sump pump, you will be saving yourself potentially thousands of dollars in water damage repair. Read this website for more information.




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