Moving Is A Stressful Process Relieve The Weight With The Aid Of Local Moving Companies

You’re getting ready to move again…only this time, you’re thinking you might need some extra help.

Moving companies are ready and waiting. Long distance moving sounds simple on paper, but once you actually take a look at your belongings all the things that could go wrong set in. What if your furniture is damaged between point A and point B? What if someone mishandles one of your boxes and you’re left with a mess? When you reach out to a moving service you give yourself not just some free time, but much-needed peace-of-mind.

There’s no shame in asking for help. Let’s see what local movers can do to make your next big trip the easiest one yet.

How Often Do People Move In America?

The United States is a wanderlust country and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. You’ve likely moved a few times yourself! A 2017 study found a little over 60% of movers remained in the same country after their move. Vermont is the eighth most popular state people are moving to, while Illinois is the state most people are leaving. The average mover today is part of a couple between the ages of 18 to 35 with one or two kids.

Why Are So Many People Looking For New Homes?

You might be wondering about some of these statistics. Why are so many people seeking out greener pastures? According to a recent survey the number one reason for moving was ‘wanting a better home or apartment’, at nearly 20% of all respondents. Other popular reasons include getting a new job, applying to a new school, or trying to avoid problems with electricity. Whatever reason you have for packing your bags, moving companies can make the transition easier.

What’s The Biggest Concern Movers Have?

Each move brings its own troubles. Maybe you have bigger furniture that needs extra hands to lift. You might have some new antiques you’re worried about. When it comes to today’s concerns, each mover wants the same thing: to get to their new place in one piece. The second most common concern revolves around safety, in which reputable moving companies can assist with, too.

What Benefits Do Moving Companies Offer?

The American moving industry is worth an impressive $85 billion, according to the latest statistics. What does that mean for you and your next venture? Moving companies offer you a combination of hard labor and security. You can get some much-needed assistance moving furniture and boxes (particularly if you don’t have a lot of friends or family who can help). You’ll also get help moving into your new location. Vermont moving and storage companies, at the end of the day, just want to create another success story for everyday people.

Are There Any Moving Tips I Should Know About?

While moving companies will fill in the gaps, it’s best to exercise as much common sense as possible. A general rule-of-thumb suggests you should add an extra 25% more moving materials than you think you’ll need. Make sure everything is clearly labeled, with descriptions on what’s inside and how fragile they are. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Half of all moves take place in the summer, usually between the beginning of May and Labor Day.

When in doubt? Let a moving service sort it out. Reach out to your local moving companies and ask them how they can make sure your next move is a successful one.







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