Lawn Care Tips for the Greenest Grass

Lawn maintenance chicago

How is your lawn looking these days with Winter long gone and Spring and Summer on the horizon? Maybe a little lawn maintenance Chicago style is what you need. Organic lawncare is on the rise. Chicago organic lawncare includes using things such as organic pesticides like vinegar. When this is applied to the plant leaves it doesn’t harm insects that are beneficial for your plants, like ladybugs. Also, organic lawn care products can be more cost effective. These products will much better for the environment as well as your own health.

About $700,000,000 is spent on pesticides each year in the US, just for our lawns. Talk about pricey! By going towards organic lawn care services we can cut down on the amount of money that is getting spent on these pesticides. Plus, organic is cheaper and healthier, so why not make the change over. The landscaping industry makes about $74 billion worth of revenue, but then that gets lowered because of all the pesticides we are putting on our lawns and crops. Not only that, but between 2009-2014 the landscaping industry will continue growing at a 4.0% rate. Taking great care of our lawns and gardens has always been a priority. But there are ways to do it that are cost effective as well as safe for the environment. This is why organic lawn care should be more highly considered by US citizens. So maybe lawn maintenance Chicago style is just what you need. Or what we all need to keep our environment safe. Find out more at this site.

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