Keep Your Tile Floors Pristine — The Only Grout Cleaning Tips You Will Ever Need

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Tile flooring is extensively used in households, especially in bathrooms and kitchen areas, and with good reason. While there are many different choices when it comes to flooring material, tile is inexpensive, durable and beautiful to look at. It also comes in a variety of different designs and color options. Tile flooring can really transform the look and ambiance of your bathroom and kitchen, while remaining a durable, low-maintenance flooring option that lasts for many years. The only thing you need to think about with your tile floors is grout cleaning.

Tile floor cleaning can be easily done with a mop and water, but the only thing that needs more care and cleaning is the grout — the light-colored, porous material that is used to fill the gaps between the tiles. The best way to clean tile floors is to give your tiles the once over and concentrate on grout cleaning. Regular grout and tile cleaning can be accomplished easily by yourself at home, but you also need to periodically get some professional help. These tips will get you started –

  • For regular cleaning, plain water is enough. You can use a spray bottle and a regular brush to spray water on your grout, rub preferably in a circular motion and leave to dry naturally.
  • If you notice a little dirt and grime building up, or want to get rid of stains, it is best not to turn to chemicals. Instead, use a mixture of one part vinegar and two parts water. Spray it on, rub with a brush and let it rest. After a few minutes, scrub away and wash with warm water.
  • To achieve even more thorough cleaning, you can apply a paste made by mixing baking soda with water on the grout lines, and then spray on the vinegar solution. The mix will foam and clean your grouts more thoroughly.
  • If you want to insulate your grout against damage from water and dirt, using a topical sealant can be a great idea. These can be purchased over the counter and applied according to included instructions. Just make sure you repeat the process once every year or two years for best results.
  • To ensure good health for your tiled flooring and grout, make sure to bring over a professional and consult regarding maintenance, repairs and the best practices to keep your flooring new and shiny.

Following these simple methods of grout cleaning can keep your tile flooring performing at optimum levels. Regularly cleaned and properly maintained tile flooring has been known to last for decades and sometimes even centuries on end, and there is no reason why the flooring in your house should be any different.




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