Is Your Leaky Roof Damaging Your Windows? What to Ask Your General Contractor

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In parts of the country where extreme weather is expected every year, homeowners may find that they want to upgrade their windows and doors in order to avoid potentially costly repair bills associated with hurricanes and winter storms. When snowfall is heavy and rests on rooftops for extended periods of time, the potential for leaks that damage wooden infrastructure is high; likewise, improperly secured windows can allow high winds to damage homes’ roofs from the inside.

Impact resistant windows are designed to withstand extreme winds, and can also include energy-saving design features. Most homes can expect to lose up to one-third of their ambient heat or air conditioning through leaky windows and aging weather stripping. Window coverings can help maintain the temperature of a home’s interior, and solar shades and awnings remain popular design choices in warmer areas of the country.

Protection from extreme weather and added home security are also factors that drive many homeowners to upgrade their roofs and front doors. Steel front doors, often incorporating a high percentage of recycled steel, provide a 98% return on investment, experts say. In an extremely competitive real estate market, many homeowners are searching for home improvement projects that will allow them to stand out in the event that they decide to sell their homes.

The best time of year to undertake home improvement projects can vary by location, but local contractors can discuss timing and weather concerns with potential clients. High impact doors and windows may be extremely useful during hurricane season, but units that incorporate noise reduction and energy-efficient design features can be installed at any time of year.

Homeowners consistently report that they want to enhance their homes’ security features, save money on heating and cooling bills, and make sure that their home would be easy to sell if they decided to relocate. Impact resistant windows and doors may also work to block outside noise, and could be used in combination with noise-blocking curtains to enhance homeowners’ comfort and security during extreme weather, or at any time of the year.



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