Improving Your Home Piece-By-Piece Takes Time The Benefits Of The Whole Home Remodel

Remodeling your home can seem a little like overkill.

Surely you don’t need to change the entire format of your home, right? Wouldn’t just one or two renovations be enough to get you what you need? When it comes to a home that’s fallen behind in several ways, it can actually pay off more to get it done in one go. Many homeowners today are deciding to eliminate the middleman and go straight to a whole home remodeling contractor to save time. It’ll not just reduce the amount of calls you have to make in the future, it’ll transform your home from top-to-bottom.

That said…you can still learn about the individual benefits by looking below. Let’s see what can be done to bring out the best in your home!

Remodeling Is Proven To Improve Your Personal Health

Our environment leaves a huge impact on us. Is it any wonder a drab, outdated home can really pull down our mood? When you spruce up your kitchen or living room you open the doors to feeling more secure, happy, and motivated under your roof. According to an interesting survey by Houzz one-third of homeowners stated they changed to a healthier lifestyle after remodeling their kitchen. It’s certainly more fun to cook healthy meals in a spacious kitchen you want to be in!

Kitchen Remodeling Is A Popular Choice For First Stages

Let’s explore the benefits of kitchen remodeling and what it means for you as a homeowner. This part of the house is frequented nearly as much as the bathroom, a space where you cook meals, wash your hands, and chat with the kids. Homeowners remodel an estimated 10 million kitchens every year and it’s one part of the house that can cause a ripple effect throughout your life. Ask your whole home remodeling contractor about starting with the kitchen space — even a minor kitchen remodel has an average ROI of 80%. Kitchen island, new marble countertop…the sky’s the limit!

Bathroom Remodels Remain Top Dog

The only area to renovate more popular than the kitchen is the master bathroom. It’s estimated nearly 15 million bathrooms are spruced up, redone, and completely overhauled every year. A Houzz survey revealed at least 60% of homeowners this year are planning on remodeling their master bathroom — this can include small touch-ups like replacing cracked tiles or adding a new shower backsplash. The bathroom holds a similar ROI appeal that the kitchen does, particularly if you add safety features. Just ask your contractor to add it to the first floor remodel.

Basement Remodels Can Improve Your Safety

The kitchen and the master bathroom sounds like a pretty tight package…what about the rest of the home? You’ll want to take a look at the basement first. Safety is just as important an issue as a higher home value, particularly if you live in a climate that sees a lot of rain or snow. It’s estimated over 95% of all homes in the United States will become flooded at some point. Sprucing up your basement by adding better crawlspaces will go a long way in alleviating your fears.

Home Remodeling Renovations Net You The Full Package

Whole home remodeling, simply put, saves you a lot of trouble down the road. Jumping back and forth between contractors doing one or two projects at a time is a pain. Attempting just one project in the hopes the rest of the home will come together on its own is easier said than done. A whole home remodeling contractor will walk you through the process of transforming your home from the inside out — they have packages that range between a few months to nine months, depending on what you need. Today 35% of remodeling jobs involve the entire home.

Remodel your home. Enhance your life. Talk to a whole home remodeling contractor this year about how you can bring your house together in more ways than one.




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