How to Recycle Your Carbide Tungsten Components

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The ferrous scrap industry has earned a valuation greater than 30 billion dollars in the U.S., as of 2012. Recycling carbide can improve the bottom line, but it also represents significant cuts to their CO2 emissions. Due to its strength and durability, tungsten carbide scrap can be effectively recycled for production of cutting tools and various other components. With some preliminary research, you can find the best resource to sell scrap carbide.

Tungsten carbide scrap prices may drive some cost controls in your business. The compound has twice the strength of steel and is much denser than titanium. One of the big advantages of the compound is its ability to resist abrasion. You may find that scrap carbide buyers are interested in various cutting and drilling tools. The machining industry may use tungsten carbide tools for cutting carbon steel or stainless steel. When your tooling deteriorates, you can find companies recycling carbide to recoup some of your tool costs.

Frequently, word of mouth referrals from your friends and colleagues can help you determine which recycling company offers the most convenience. Alternatively, you can look at various online reviews to determine which recycler fits your needs. While price is important when looking to sell your scrap materials, you should also determine which offers an easy way to ship or deliver your scrap. Depending on the amount of scrap, you may be eligible for pickup or other ways of delivering your scrap to facilities recycling carbide components.

For the small volume scrapper, you may want to consider your convenience options as well. When packaging your components, you may be able to mail them directly to recycling firms for sorting, weighing and payment, without visiting in person. Again, reviews of the various firms can be useful in finding those businesses that work well with recyclers of different sizes. Good refereneces:




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