How to Make Barnwood

In the video above, the reporter begins by highlighting a seemingly romantic and cozy activity for a cold winter day—using an angle grinder to create rustic barnwood beams. The reporter explains the process, utilizing a stiff wire cut brush mounted on the angle grinder running at 11,000 RPMs. By running the grinder across the wood in the direction of the grain and pressing hard, softer parts of the wood are removed, leaving the wood grain exposed. The growth rings in the wood are discussed, with the darker growth rings representing harder and denser wood.

Video Source

Moving on to the next step, the reporter introduces a weathered wood accelerator product, criticizing its effectiveness and suggesting everyone discard it. He then transitions to the process of coloring the barnwood using three different stains: summer oak, dark walnut, and weathered gray. The reporter demonstrates how to apply each stain, creating a weathered appearance.

Summing up, the reporter delivers a thorough tutorial on crafting barnwood using an angle grinder, offering critiques of a particular wood accelerator product, and showcasing methods for coloring and sealing. The reporter’s engaging and informative approach renders it a valuable guide for DIY enthusiasts keen on barnwood projects. With step-by-step demonstrations and practical advice, his advice becomes an essential resource for those looking to embark on their creative woodworking endeavors.






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