How Do Plumbers Clean Main Line Drains?

Although they are largely unseen, sewer drains and underground plumbing systems are a key part of a city’s infrastructure and our everyday lives. You use sewer lines every day, so it’s important to take care in keeping them maintained and up to code. This is where professional plumbers come in! Many plumbing companies or independent plumbing contractors offer sewer line and drain cleaning services to help keep your main line sewers clean and functioning as they should. How do they get this done? Let’s take a look at how a main line sewer is cleaned in this helpful video.

Video Source

The first step to cleaning your main line sewer is to find the clean out for your system. These are often located in the front yard. Use a wrench to slowly unscrew the top, removing pressure slowly. In order to get rid of any clogs in your sewer line, you are going to need many materials, such as a long snake hose or sewer cable. These are designed to reach deep down into your pipes. To see how the sewer snake works, keep watching this informative video! Instead of buying all their own materials, many homeowners opt to hire out for these sort of sewer line cleaning services.







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