Good Fences Make Good Neighbors (And Happy Homeowners)

Gates and fences

Do you have a fence on your property? When some people think about fences, they imagine ratty and unappealing chain link fences, or imposing steel fences, that create unnecessary barriers. They don’t imagine how useful and economical it can be to have a decent fence on one’s property. In this article, we’ll look at several ways that your home may benefit from the addition of a fence, or expansion of the fences it does have.

For one thing, commercial fencing is a huge industry, generating at least $50 billion in revenue. With 270,000 people employed in the United States, the fence industry is a large part of most local economies. Fence contractors are familiar with the local area, with issues faced by homeowners and with practical matters in general, making them good people to get to know. By commissioning a fence installation to complement your home, you’re making an investment in your local community and forming a business connection to some of the most resourceful and dedicated people in that community.

Having some good steel fences on one’s property is a great asset in the long run. If you have children or pets, having some climb proof fencing is ideal for making sure playtime stays in the yard. Fencing a pool, if you have one, is a good idea for liability and crowd control purposes. Having a fence to demarcate your property from the neighbors’ can be a good way of keeping boundaries clear and the neighborly spirit positive. For people seeking a little discretion, privacy fences are a fantastic addition to one’s home. No matter what your situation in life, good fences can make all the difference.

For those willing to go above and beyond the norm, here are many advantages to having custom fencing done. Some nicely made aluminum or steel fences can improve the property value of a home considerably while offering a 65% return on investment. Managers of larger properties may consider having fencing for tennis courts done, or fencing a baseball diamond, to better compartmentalize space and create distinctions between areas. For those concerned about cost, it’s possible to have great fence work done for cheap? pressure treated fence posts go for $10 each.

Are you now considering spending a large chunk of money on fences for your property? Anything you wish to share with us? Let us know.




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