Don’t Ignore your Floor! Types and Costs of Flooring

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Floors are an integral part of the interior of a home or business. They are the physical and aesthetic foundation of a room. There are several types of floors to choose from: carpeted, vinyl, hardwood, even bamboo! When deciding on the type of floor you want for your room, there are several things to keep in mind, such as cleanliness, longevity, appearance, value, safety, and environmental impact.

New Carpet Installation.

Carpeted floors are a good option for those who seek a comfortable place for their feet. And since carpets can come in any color and pattern, they are great for tying a room together with a specific color scheme or design. There is also no shortage of options when it comes to carpet type, which include knotted, woven, needlefelted, flat weave, and tufted.

While carpeted floors provide a room with a softer look and feel, they do tend to attract dust and dirt. As a result, carpeted room tend to have poorer air quality than rooms with hardwood floors. This also means carpeted floors must be cleaned and maintained regularly, and materials that stain such as wine and juice always pose a threat.

The price for carpet installation will vary depending on the size of the job and the type of carpet used. Typically, though, the cost is about $30 per square yard, and the whole job will usually be in the ballpark of $900-$1,000.

Hardwood Floors.

More and more homes and offices are installing hardwood floors for several reasons. One of these reasons is aesthetic appeal. Hardwood floors tend to make a room look and feel bigger while providing a classic tone. Because of its aesthetic value, wood flooring can also add value to one’s property. Hardwood floors are also easier to keep clean than carpeted floors, and don’t attract nearly as much dust or dirt.

The cost of hardwood floors is typically higher than carpet installation, possibly costing twice as much for materials and labor. However, hardwood floors have a much longer lifespan than carpeted floors. Wood floors can last over a hundred years, meaning as long as they are maintained properly they will cost less than a carpeted floor in the long run. And, again, since hardwood floors add value to your property, they are a more sound investment than other types of flooring.

Engineered Hardwood Floors.

What distinguishes engineered hardwood floors from solid wood flooring is stability. Engineered hardwood floors are designed with environmental conditions in mind, such as temperature and humidity. While typical solid wood floors expand, contract, and warp due to heat and humidity fluctuations, engineered hardwood floors are designed to remain stable throughout all temperatures and conditions. There are several types of engineered hardwood floors. Information on these specific types and how they are made can be found online.

Floors are important, and the type of floor you choose can say a lot about a room. Beyond that, choosing the right floor is also an economical and environmental decision. Choose wisely!




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