Custom-Designed Italian Furniture Because You Deserve Luxurious Surroundings

Contemporary furniture nj

When you’re looking for contemporary Italian furniture, you want it to reflect your lifestyle as well as your taste. If you’re an interior designer, then you know your clients want this as well. This is because after purchasing their house and cars, furniture is most likely one of their largest investments.

You’re probably aware that furniture sales, especially for quality, high-end furniture, have been steadily growing throughout the years. In 1992, for example, sales at furniture and home furnishing stores were approximately $52.3 billion. Two-pus decades later in 2013, these sales were roughly $101.41 billion. Sales from home furnishing stores alone amounted to $44.36 billion during 2013.

Baby Boomers purchased roughly 42% of all furniture and bedding in 2012. By 2014, however, these Baby Boomers, only made up 29% of buyers purchasing these types of household items.

While Millennials only comprised 14% of the consumer market for furniture and household items in 2012, by 2014, they represented 37% of furniture and bedding consumers. As a result, they were considered to be the primary and largest age group purchasing these types of household items.

When choosing contemporary Italian furniture for yourself or clients, you may be looking for one or more pieces to make the rooms you’re designing complete. Perhaps these items are on your shopping list:

    100 percent leather sofa
    Black Italian leather sofa
    Contemporary Italian bedroom furniture
    Other high end leather furniture

As you know, 100 percent leather is luxurious to the touch as well as comfortable to sit or lounge on. Even though leather furniture represents the pinnacle of luxury, it is also easy to care for and maintain. Be sure to remember, and let your clients know, that all you need to do is use a leather conditioner every 6-to-12 months. Whenever there is a spill, it can be wiped up with a soft, clean cloth.

If you or your clients often have guests spending the night or the weekend, you may want to consider adding a sofa bed to the den, living room, or office. Leather chairs, recliners, and sectional sofas also make a nice addition to the den or living room. When you have an open floor plan to work with, there are so many potential ways to design an inviting and intriguing space.

You may know that sofas, when well-maintained, usually have a 7-to-15-year lifespan. According to Good Housekeeping, the lifespan of a well-maintained recliner is usually ten years.

While considering your and your clients’ contemporary Italian furniture options, you may decide to have a few pieces custom-designed. As you know, this can make a difference for different types of spatial configurations as well as add a unique element.



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