Cracked Concrete Driveway? Here’s How to Fix It

As a homeowner, you need to be aware of the condition of your concrete driveway. If it needs repairs, you should contact a concrete driveway service to do them for you. The average cost for concrete driveway replacement is going to depend based on your location. However, it is a good idea to find the average cement driveway cost as you begin planning the project. That way, you have a number to work with as you figure out financing. You can also use that number to compare quotes once you’ve got a few.

Quotes are important because you want to compare your options before deciding on one. If you know the average cost for concrete per square foot, then you can see which quotes are far from the average in either direction. Asphalt sealer over concrete might increase your cost, but there might be other reasons why your contractor is charging extra as well. Getting several quotes allows you to find the best option for your needs and your budget. It might not be the cheapest, but it’ll be the one with the best value.


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As one of the strongest materials in the world, there’s no doubt that a concrete driveway can add to the value of your home. However, over time even the most high quality slabs of concrete can begin to break or crack, especially in areas with severe weather conditions. In the past, the only option was to hire experienced concrete contractors to load up heavy equipment to tear up your driveway. Luckily, these days there is an easier solution that can be done by just about anyone; resurfacing.

To fix cracks in concrete driveways, you will first need to assess the damage. If it is a thin, hairline crack, the crack can be filled with a grout made of cement and water. However, if it is a deeper crack, there’s more to be done. Before these larger cracks can be filled, they must be enlarged with a chisel and hammer. The crack should be wider at the bottom than the top, which is known as undercutting. The undercut should be a minimum of one inch to ensure that the new concrete will bond with the older concrete.

Once the crack has been properly undercut, wash away any debris in the crack using a garden hose or air pump. If you have difficultly getting all the loose material out, use a wire brush to get into the crack. It’s recommended that you add a layer of concrete adhesive to the crack before pouring the new concrete. While not necessary, adhesive helps elongate the life of concrete driveways by ensuring a more secure bond between your driveway and the new concrete.

It is then time to fill the crack with your concrete. It is recommended that you use a gravel mix, which adds sand and gravel to the cement. Be sure to fill the area completely with the mixture. After the new concrete is applied, level it off with a trowel. The area should then be covered for five days, and moistened once a day. After those five days, your driveway will look good as new!



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