Common Service Plumber Tools

Plumbing service requires a specific set of tools. Watch this video for look into a service plumber’s tool box.

A plumber will always have some kind of sharp edged cutting tool.

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Whether that be a box cutter or something else, there will always be a need for some kind of snipping or cutting. They also always need a tape measure to accurately measure their work components. A reliable pencil is always necessary as well, to make any appropriate markings. They also always carry a set of water pump pliers. Every plumbing service will require the use of these pliers so it is essential to always have a pair on hand. A screwdriver with a detachable end piece is important for plumbers as well. Everything has some kind of screws in it so these are obviously necessary.

Plumbers also carry scrapers in their bags. These have a multitude of applications and uses so they should never be forgotten. When dealing with plumbing service, gloves are always a necessity. Pipes tend to have a lot of rust on them and plumbers do everything with their hands so they need to be as safe as possible. Avoiding any cuts from rusty pipes is imperative to the overall safety of any plumber.

If you have any more questions about plumbing service or the tools required, contact a local service plumber for more information.






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