Cleaning Old Hardwood Floors

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Cleaning hardwood floors is best left to the professionals. You have to be very careful that you do not use the wrong product on your floors and stain them or ruin them. Some of the best floors can be easily ruined by products or cleaning hardwood floors incorrectly. Professionals know wood flooring information and know what to use on each type of floor surface. There are green or environmentally friendly flooring options which include reclaimed wood, bamboo, and wool. EcoTimber is one company that is dedicated to environmentally conscious flooring, cleaning hardwood floors, and building materials. You can also use environmentally friendly products on the floors which are usually healthy for the environment but you must be careful that they can be used on the type of flooring you own because even green products can harm certain woods.

By refinishing an old wooden floor, you can restore it to its natural beauty and improve its value. You might be wondering how to refinish hardwood floors. It involves a lot of sanding and refinishing so it is time consuming. This is often left to the professionals. Sanding and cleaning hardwood floors can be difficult work especially depending on how distressed the hardwood floor is to begin with. However, hardwood floors are better to have than carpet because the indoor air quality is better according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

There were two varieties of wood flooring originally. The first was plank which were boards that were 8 inches or wider. These were common in rural areas. The second was strip which were boards that were two to four inches wide. Strip floors were more common in affluent homes, but now they are the standard and cleaning hardwood floors has become common.
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