City Living vs Country Lifestyles

Interesting Facts About Your Septic System

City living verses a down home country lifestyle are two opposite ends of the spectrum when considering who your plumbers will be. Most cities across America have what is called a sewer system with plumbing attached in different sectors. If you live in a rural area outside of city limits you are too far from the sewer sectors and will require a septic system. These devices are quite intriguing considering they have their own tanks, own filtration system, and require a specialist of this type to repair and clean it out when its time.

There are a few factors that are a need to know when it comes to caring for your septic system starting with your tank maintenance. Every three years, for the average sized household, you should have your septic system properly inspected. This will require you to understand which plumber company employees the correct plumbers to access correct the issue. You will also need to have your system inspected about every six to twelve months just to make sure there is not buildup around the tank, and no tree root damage under way.

Another component to ponder on is the drainage field maintenance and sheer drainage of the septic system. The plumbers should be sure to divert all water away from the drainage field; this could cause the pipes to burst and require plumbing repairs. Make sure to never pour any grease down your drains; this will not allow the soil to absorb the liquid and create a backup. Having this issue occur will cause your pipes to erupt and force a plumbing installation of multiple sets of piping; of course, after the plumber company locates the problem and then digs the ground up to expose the hitch.

When living in the city and flushing “things” down the commode are a normal daily factor, with your septic system this is forbidden. Only non-biodegradable products are allowed due to the septic system not being able to break it down. A “plumbers paradise” is bulldozing through the blocked up connectors just to empty out all that’s been dumped into it. Clogged drains are a repercussion of not caring for your septic system meticulously and creating an early visit by your plumbing service for a septic tank pumpout.

Always be aware of the warning signs that your septic system may need a house call from your local plumbers. Look at the grass around your septic tank placement, if you notice the color of the grass has changed, you may need to have it looked over. If you notice pooling around your seepage trench, or a strange odor flooding the air around you, this could be an indicator that your system is clogged and needs to be cleaned out. Knowing how to care for your septic system, who your local plumber company is and understanding the maintenance involved to protect your investment will make all the difference when deciding between city plumbing or country living.




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