Carpet vs Hardwood The Mother of All Battles

Refinishing hardwood floors+reviews

How much is new carpet? That is a question asked by many a home and business owner. The best hardwood floors, the nicest new carpet, can all be challenging to find. But when you do, it can make or break your home or business. New carpeting can be hard to find, as said, but it can be equally as hard to install. New carpet installation is a long and potentially grueling process but the payoff is always outstanding.

In order to find out how much is new carpet, it is important to know about both carpets and hardwood floors. Did you know, for example, that the Environmental Protection Agency maintains the air quality of a house or building is better when it has hardwood floors as opposed to carpet and other materials. Hardwood floors, as the name suggests, is made of wood. Wood floors have been around for centuries. In recent history, wood flooring came in two varieties: plank and strip. Planks are wider (8 inches or more) and strips are longer but narrower (between two to four inches). Planks were common in rural areas, while stripboards were used in more expensive, aristocratic homes. Today, stripboards are more common. Still, no matter what kind of wood is used, hardwood floors are useful for their sturdiness, style, and relatively-unfettered upkeep.

Still, regarding the age-old question how much is new carpet, it is also important to find out about carpeting. Carpeting has been around just as long as hardwood floors — if not longer. In fact, the earliest-known carpet in human history was found to be nearly 2500 years old! Located in Siberia in 1949, the carpet was dubbed the “Pazyryk Carpet” and is thought to have originated in Armenia. Since then, carpets have come in a number of textures, fabrics, and sizes. Some common carpets include woven, needlefelted, knotted, tufted and flatweave. Though it is susceptible to collecting dirt, dust, and other kinds of particles, carpet is also comfortable, beautiful, and diverse. They are often used to glorious effect. And, most of all, they are not that expensive!

So, rest assured, finding out how much is new carpet is certainly worth your time. Thank you for reading this article. Please, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, leave us a comment at the bottom. We look forward to your input! Visit here for more information.




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