Car Ports Perfect for your Storage Needs

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As your love of boating and classic cars has grown, so to as your need to store them properly. If you do not want to store your extra car or boat on your property, check out car ports. Metal carports or garage buildings can protect your vehicle from damages due to extreme weather.

History is filled with large vehicles. The first RV was the chauffeur-driven Touring Landau, made by Pierce-Arrow in 1910. The Landau had a back seat that folded into a bed, a chamber pot toilet and an intercom system between the passengers and the chauffeur. The earliest known piece of steel dates back 4,000 years, and was discovered during an archaeological dig in Anatolia. As people drove larger vehicles, so to did their need to store them. An early name for carports, which never stuck, was “auto space,” suggested by a Minnesota architectural firm.

Steel buildings are frequently constructed with a high proportion of recycled steel content; over 95% of the water used for steel-making is recycled. Car ports are different than most structures in that they have only one or two walls, allowing for more ventilation. If you are looking into steel carports there are a wide variety of options including single wide, double wide and triple wide. If you want to have a car port on your property, there are a number of design features you can use. You can have your choice of roof colors, doors and door sizes.

UV damage, wind, snow and hail are some of the greatest threats to the value of an RV or boat that is stored out in the open. Car ports are considered to be the most economical way to store vehicles as tens of thousands are installed in the United States every year. If you are looking to store your vehicle there are businesses who can offer protection. There are complete garages that offer enclosed storage space, pole barns and storage units. Thanks to modern steel molding car ports have a longer life.

Car ports are perfect if you are looking to protect your collector car, boat or RV. They offer more ventilation than a garage, while protecting your car from the elements. Check our car ports and get more use out of your toys.




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