Bathing With Ease and Comfort

Drop in soaking tub

Your bathroom is a place of relaxation and a chance to refresh yourself before your day at work or to recharge in a luxurious bubble bath after a long hard day. Style and bathroom design is an important part of building your own personal oasis. Depending on your preferences and needs, selecting the types of shower stalls, toilets, bathroom sinks, and faucets you want present a lot of options. The shape of your bathroom dictates lot of what you are able to do with your bathroom, for instance, many bathrooms are not conducive to traditional bathtubs and showers and are better suited to a corner walk in tub. Corner walk in tubs are also much easier than traditional bathtubs and showers for people who are injured, disabled, or elderly.

  • Corner walk in tubs are often deeper than traditional bathtubs and shaped slightly differently to fit in an oddly angled part of the wall. They also have an option of seated surfaces which allows the bather to sit while showering.
  • Corner tubs or “soaking tubs” can be filled much higher with water than a regular tub which allows the person in it to be fully immersed in the water much like a larger body of water.
  • Walk in tubs are equipped with a swinging door that is sealed when shut allowing the water to stay in without having to hoist yourself into the tub or lower down into it.
  • With a walk in tub you are able to fill it up when seated in the tub or bathe with a detachable shower head.
  • Many safety features are available for corner walk in tubs including steps, railing, and slip proof floors.

A corner walk in tub can completely change your bathroom both in the looks of the bathroom as well as the ease and accessibility for everyone living in your home.




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