Are You Getting Ready for the Upcoming Pool Season?


As the warm days of summer approach, it is important to make sure that both you and your husband are following through on the plan. Your husband is working on getting some pool deck resurfacing complete and you are working on making sure that everyone in the family is looking and feeling their best. While the pool deck resurfacing is a process that can be completed in a day, the plan for you to make sure that the health of your family is a priority is an ongoing process.

Swimming pool builders can put a specific price tag on the pool renovations that they offer, but taking the time to make sure that you are always offering your family the healthiest food choices is difficult to put a price tag on.

  • Every time that you walk in a restaurant you have an opportunity to order a nutritious and healthy menu item. And while not all restaurants offer an entire menu of healthy choices, if you send a few minutes you can locate an item that is a healthy option.
  • As soon as you make an unhealthy choice when you eat, you have a chance to make a positive change. For instance, if you really did order high calorie alfredo sauce on your pasta, limit yourself to only eating half. Save the rest for a second meal later in the day and you only need to feel half as guilty about your slip up.
  • The temptation to add lots of extra cheese and other high calorie condiments can send your healthy eating plans right out the window, so make sure that you make wise choices.
  • Instead of filling up on bread and other high carb appetizers, make a decision to get most of your calories from healthy, but tasty, lower calorie menu choices.
  • Noodles and other pastas can still be an option for a healthy eater, especially if you decide to add lots of healthy fresh vegetables to your order.
  • Giving yourself permission to indulge in your favorite foods every now and then can keep you from going on a major binge because you are craving your favorite items.

  • Having several small meals during the day is often a great way to avoid overeating. Knowing you can have a snack in a few hours, you can avoid over ordering and eating more than you should to at any one meal.
  • Everyone has a food that really causes problems, but you can plan to eat less during other meals if you know the evening will include your favorite higher calorie food.
  • After a meal make sure that you give your body time to digest and then find some time to take a quick walk. Even if it is a long walk from the parking lot at work or an extra trip up the stairs, you will feel better about your previous meal.
  • Living a lifestyle where you make healthy food choices can provide you with more energy to do the things that you love.
  • Today’s trend toward more healthy eating can help you find a better eating choice every time that you go into a restaurant as more and more eating establishments offer healthy eating options.
  • Half portions are often available at many eating places. Making sure you order a smaller portion is another way to make sure that you do not end up eating more than you intended.
  • You can start fresh every single day. Even if you did not eat as well as you wanted today, you always have the option to make an adjustment and be more successful tomorrow.

From installing outdoor kitchens to making a decision about pool deck resurfacing, it can be easier to make sure that your outdoor space is in shape than making sure that you and your family are. If you make an effort everyday, however, you should be able to help everyone in your family make sure that they are EATING HEALTHY. Just think how good everyone will look at the next pool party after the pool deck resurfacing and other preparations are complete!

Swimming is the most popular recreational activity for children and teens between the ages of 7 and 17 in the U.S. and is is the fourth most popular sport or activity. Are you ready to join in?



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