Are You Considering Adding a Pool to Your Back Yard?

Oatmeal for breakfast for at least the next 21 days because forced yoga cleanse is happening, starting today. Not necessarily because you believe a cleanse is necessary to be clean, but because it’s part of the process; the journey, the expectation of reaching 200 hours of training this month. although your husband claims that his No Shave November is his greatest tradition, you are proud of the fact that you and a growing number of friends use the month of November to become your best selves. You and your friends commiserate together as you face a month of tasty vegan fare, with the added goal of being alcohol, sugar and gluten free this month. The Thanksgiving holiday is often the biggest challenge, but as the fifth year you have followed this routine you now how some pretty tasty alternatives. Plus, you all know that you can have some of the traditional holiday favorites for Christmas.

Caffeine is not going away for you, but others in your group are accepting that challenge as well. This year you have a little extra motivation to be your best self this November. You and your husband recently signed a contract with one of the local swimming pool builders and plan to have that addition in the back yard by spring. Knowing that you will be spending more than a little time poolside with friends and family in a few short months gives you the energy you need to power through a month of very healthy eating.

Custom Pool Designs Offer Home Owners a Way to Create Their Own Outdoor Oasis

Swimming pool builders are surprisingly busy this time of year as they start the process of helping a new set of customers get ready to build a pool for next season. In places where pools are open year round, of course, every month is a building option, but for parents who want to give their children the ultimate Christmas gift, planning for a pool in November is a perfect solution.
A recent Houzz study found that 56% of respondents were updating their yards to make them more friendly for entertaining. For many of these property owners, a pool is the perfect addition. Both as a form of entertainment and a way to get more exercise, backyard pools are growing increasingly popular as parents work to create a place where their children and their friends will gather. Many parents, in fact, love the idea of knowing that their teenagers are at their own houses when they are hanging with friends, rather than relying on the latest cell phone location devices to attempt to know what their kids are doing. If you are looking for the ultimate Christmas gift this holiday season, why not meet with one of your local swimming pool builders and start planning for your next summer? Then you can start planning for ways to make sure that you will look great in that swimsuit. Even if it means eating oatmeal for breakfast every day for the next month!




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