Are You Bringing Bedbugs Home From Your Business Trips? What You Should Know

No one likes bedbugs and learning what you can about them can help you to identify issues and then handle the infestation. Bed bugs are unique in that they are large, and they are very easy to spread from one place to another. You can get a bedbug infestation in a matter of days when there were none before. Bed bug invasion is not uncommon and you can even have a bed bug infestation on walls and bed bugs in yard areas as well.
The bed bug breeding cycle is quite simple and fast which means that you can have thousands of bed bugs in your home in a matter of weeks when one was the start. Your local termite exterminator cannot handle a bed bug infestation and does need special tools and special treatments to help get rid of bedbugs. The most common treatment is of course the use of heat to kill the bugs and to kill the eggs and larva as well. Bed bugs are tenacious, they are resilient, and they are not easy to kill. If you have bed bugs you certainly need professional help to make sure that they can be taken care of and fully eradicated.

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Could you be attracting pests to your home without realizing it? Recent studies indicate that pest control experts across the country are treating more cases now than ever before. Bedbugs do not prefer to nest in dirty homes or offices: on the contrary, they prefer a clean environment to nest in. Bedbugs have been reported more frequently in hotels across the country, and if you travel frequently, you could find yourself bringing home some unwanted guests in your luggage.

The importance of pest control cannot be overestimated: maintaining a healthy environment for children and pets is essential for their comfort and security. If you are wondering if you have a bedbug problem, adult bedbugs look like a small brown teardrop. You may studies indicate that Americans spend more than 12 billion on pest control each year, but that we may miss the signs of an infestation. There are hundreds of structural fires every year across the United States, but about one-quarter of those fires can be attributed to mice and rats that eat through electric and gas lines. Rats can range up to 150 feet from their nest and can enter your home through holes as small as 0.25″. Experts want people to become more aware of the dangers of infestation from rodents, bed bugs, termites, and fleas, and homeowners want to know how to rid themselves of existing infestations.

In some states, it is forbidden to resell mattresses, wooden furniture, and home electronics due to the danger of bed bug infestation. Once you see adult bed bugs, chances are that you have thousands hidden around your home. If your children are scratching at raised welts on their arms and legs, chances are good that you have bed bugs or fleas. Adult female bedbugs lay hundreds of eggs during their life spans, and pest control contractors report that find their eggs under your mattress, or you may find them crawling into the cracks of wooden picture frames or into your television. Even if you treat bedbugs, they can be difficult to get rid of permanently. Homeowners can work to minimize the possibility of a bedbug infestation by putting any affected clothing into the laundry: it’s important to wash with hot water and to dry on high heat to kill them. The importance of pest control means that you may have to do all the laundry in your home.

If you see an infestation of bedbugs or termites, you should contact your local pest control experts immediately. They will be able to come to your home and treat for bedbugs: one of the most effective ways of eradicating the pests is to seal off the affected rooms and treat them with high heat. Carpet steamers can also help rid homes of bedbugs. Check your children regularly for bedbug and flea bites. If you live in a home that has an unfinished basement, check the basement regularly for furry intruders like raccoons and local cats. They could be the reason that your home is infested with fleas.

People who travel frequently understand the importance of pest control on the road: you do not want to pick up any bedbugs while you travel, so put your luggage into the bathroom on your first night. Bedbugs do not usually infest tile floors, and putting your luggage in a safe place can help minimize the possibility of an infestation. You should also inspect your hotel room’s mattress: bedbugs lay eggs that look a lot like mold. If your mattresses at home have a similar pattern, you could have been overlooking bedbugs for a while and not realizing it. The importance of pest control to your family’s health is essential, so if you think that you might have some unwanted insect guests, you should immediately call your local exterminator.







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