All You Need to Know About Electric Garage Door Openers

When you have a garage door that is no longer working well, you need to find a company that takes care of commercial garage doors if you are a business. If you are a private home, you will need a garage door service that serves residential homes. The first step will be that you have a representative from the company come out and consult with you about your garage door. They have to determine- can a garage door be repaired? Many doors can be, though ones with excessive damage are often less expensive to simply replace.

When you are looking for garage door companies nearby, do a local search for garage door companies local. When you see the listings for these companies, the search engine will show you the ratings for each of these companies as well as a map that shows how close they are to you. This makes it simple to decide which one to choose based on both the ratings it has gotten and the convenience of the location. You can also see whether each of them is open at the moment. With these listings, you can pick the best garage door company and schedule them to come out to fix yours.

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Garages are fairly ubiquitous in the U.S., and so are electric garage door openers. Most homeowners choose to keep the option of a garage on their property, whether they own a vehicle or not, and the garage door installation industry in America is reportedly worth somewhere close to $5 billion. For the sake of safety and convenience, many families choose to put install garage door openers which run on electricity and can be engaged remotely if needed. If you are looking to install or replace your garage door, or trying to look for the right professional garage door services for repair or maintenance, gaining a little knowledge about the mechanisms and nuances can be very helpful.

The first thing you need to decide is the kind of garage door you need. There are many choices regarding size, material, driving mechanisms, R-value and additional features. Studies indicate that having a garage can increase the valuation of your home by more than 10%, and most American home buyers look at how well a garage is built and organized to form concrete information about the particular seller. It suffices to say that there are many compelling reasons for keeping your garage in good shape. When it comes to electric garage door openers, there are a few factors you need to look at before making a purchase –

  • Drive Type – There are three main drive types with garage door openers that you can choose from. Old-school chain drives provide good value for money, although they require more maintenance and can get noisy over time. Belt drives operate on the same principal and are a bit more expensive, although they make for quiet operation. Screw drive doors are the easiest to install and maintain, and fall in the mid-range price bracket.

  • Power and Backup – According to the size of your garage, you should choose a garage door opener with adequate power to make for fast, smooth operation. Also, a door opener with a backup power supply is great as it can keep working even when there is no mains power.

  • Pro or DIY – Replacing garage doors can very well be turned into a DIY project. On the other hand, you can also opt for professional garage door installation services. The product packages for these radically different scenarios are also quite different, and you should get the kind that fits your requirements.
  • Safety Features – For personal safety as well as safety from potential intruders, you also need to check for safety features, lights and fail-safe mechanisms before making your final choice.

When it comes to electric garage door openers, there is a wide field of choice. All you need to do is make a list of criteria and get the product you think ticks all the right boxes.

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