A Look Into The Dangers Of Radon – And How You Can Mitigate Your Risk

As any local sump pump installation service will likely be able to tell you, radon is to be taken very seriously indeed. Radon is an odorless, tasteless gas that is not possible to see with the human eye. But don’t let this fool you into thinking that it is harmless. As someone working for a local sump pump installation service can tell you, radon can be quite dangerous indeed.

It is important for the local sump pump installation service to know the ins and outs of radon exposure, as the improper installation of a sump pump can lead to spiking radon levels in the typical residential home. Being aware of the best sump pump installation techniques is key for any given local sump pump installation service. The typical local sump pump installation service should also be aware of radon testing measuers beyond the reach of the a local sump pump installation service – and who to call if high levels of radon are suspected.

But why is radon such a fear to a local sump pump installation service and to anyone with a sump pump in their home? For one thing, radon is a leading cause of lung cancer, second behind smoking and the usage of tobacco products alone. This means that, sadly, up to 20,000 people lose their lives to cases of lung cancer that were caused by radon exposure over the course of a single year. Unfortunately, this death toll is only likely to rise if steps aren’t taken, such as through a local sump pump installation service, to mitigate radon exposure, especially prolonged radon exposure, all throughout the country.

And radon is more prevalent in homes than you might think. After all, some parts of the country have up to one third of homes reaching or exceeding the action level that has been set by the EPA in terms of radon concentration. This is the case not just across seven different states, but in three separate Native American reservations as well. In addition to this, around one fifteenth of all homes in this country as a whole have such high levels of radon concentration, levels that pose a risk to human health and well being – and can set the stage for aggressive lung cancer in the years that are ahead, to say the very least.

Fortunately, as your local sump pump installation service is likely already aware of, there are methods to detect and mitigate the radon in your home. Radon testing companies can be found all throughout the country, and these testing companies can make it easier than ever to know your risk of radon exposure. For instance, there are a number of short term tests that can be used anywhere between two days and 90 days for accurate residential radon testing. And long term radon testing is possible as well, as long term tests extend even past that 90 day mark.

Even if there are high levels of radon in your home, there are steps that can be taken to reduce those levels quite dramatically indeed. Even just passive systems of mitigation have their place, as such systems of mitigation can actually reduce overall radon levels in your home by as much as a full 50%. On top of this, methods of mitigation including the radon ventilation fan can further bring down raodn levels in your home.

The prospect of radon in your home is a hugely frightening thing, of this there is no doubt. Fortunately, there are a number of different steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of radon. These steps will not only dramatically reduce the presence of radon all throughout your home but will reduce your chances of getting lung cancer as a result of this radon exposure. If you aren’t sure what the radon levels in your own home currently are, then it is well within your best interests to find out – fortunately, this is something that has become easier to do than ever before, thanks to the presence of the local radon contractor.

In all, radon is frigtening but something that can be dealt with.


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