A Certified Geologist on Staff for Many Different Industries that Improve the Home

One of the most important things to consider in construction and other industries is the fact that soil and other core materials need to be maintained with quality. The key professional who is able to help keep the foundation of a home or any other building solid and productive is often the geologists. There are many different activities and progressive tests that geologists are able to manage in order to help that buildings remain of productive quality for years to come.

Some of these different activities completed by a geologist or other property official may include the following:

  1. Any soaker should be at least a foot away from a house foundation.
  2. With about 60 soil types available, it is a challenging decision.
  3. Pier and beam foundations have joints that tend to be spaced up to 18 inches apart.
  4. Additionally, beams in these foundations may be up to 12 feet apart.

Therefore, while there is much to consider on every point of a home or other building that has been built over the years, there is much to be considered about foundation failure or foundation issues that have occurred over the years. This means that foundation repair can be one of the greatest needs to keep a home in quality shape, but that is not always the job of a construction company or contractor alone. Often, it is important for those companies to have a certified geologist on staff in order to help evaluate the status of the foundation as well as the soil around the home that may be causing issues.

The Foundation Repair Expert

Luckily, when working to improve the quality of the land around a foundation or the foundation itself, the certified geologist on staff is able to supply a great deal of expert in their field. Whether it is the soil or land that is affecting the foundation of a home, these geologists are able to help provide information on what may have happened in response to weather over the years. There is also the ability for certified geologists on staff to help report the different types of activity that may help improve the foundation and other areas of a home along with changes in the land.







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