5 Things You Need to Do to Prepare Your Home for the Rodent Control Service

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Rats and mice are problems for people all over the United States. Mice can be very prolific. It has been estimated that more than 82% of homes around the nation have mouse allergens in them. A female mouse can have between five and ten litters of mice each year. Each litter can include five or six mice. That means the average female mouse can produce between 25 and 60 offspring every year. Rats are also prolific. No matter what kind of rodent you have in your home, the chances are good that you want to get rid of them. If you are going to have a professional rodent control service come in and handle the problem for you, there are things you need to do before they show up.

  1. Take care of all of the food in your home. Before any of the types of pest control services get to work in your home, you need to take all of your food and put it out of the reach of the chemicals they are going to use. While there are different rodent control methods, they all use some kind of chemical. Take any food that is not in the refrigerator and place it in a heavy duty container. It needs to be away during and after the rodent control services people do their job. You will need to keep your wrapped up for about 14 days after you have the work done. Do not forget your pet food. Rats and mice love cat and dog food.
  2. Look for holes in your home. If you have holes or cracks in your baseboards, walls or around doors, you need to make sure those are fixed before you have the rodent control service people come in and get rid of your mice or rats. Rodents can squeeze themselves into very tiny spaces around your home. Keep them from getting back into your home by fixing these holes and cracks.
  3. Make sure the rodent control service can get to the area above your refrigerator and under your sink. To do this, you need to spend some time clearing out those areas.
  4. Look for evidence of mice or rats. If you need to call a rodent control service, you probably have a good reason. Take some time to walk around your home and look for evidence of the rodents. You should keep an eye out for droppings, chew marks and other signs that rodents have made your house their home. When the people from the rodent control service get to your home, give them all the information you have about were you have seen the rodents.
  5. Get and keep your home clean and tidy. After you have gotten rid of the mice or rats in your home, you will want to keep them out. One way to make your home less appealing is to keep your house as clean as you can. Put tops on your garbage and sweep or vacuum on a regular basis.
    This cleaning should also include getting rid of old clothes, boxes and paper. There are few things that rats and mice like more than these items, which they can use to make their home comfortable and cozy. These materials also make for great breeding centers for rats and mice. Iy is a lot easier for rodent control services to do their work in a clean home.

In Ireland, there is an old wives tale and method for getting rodents out of a home. The homeowner will leave a note for the rats or mice. The note is supposed to thank the mice or rats for their visit but suggest they might be happier in a new location. The person leaving the note is supposed to leave the rodents a specific address to relocate to. If you do not want to try this Irish method but want your problem rats or mice to leave, you call call in rodent control services to help you get rid of them. These tips can really help them make your home rodent free in no time.



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