5 Existential Advantages of Home Solar Panels

Solar energy for your home

The benefits of solar energy are legion. In states like Massachusetts, liberal politicians are constantly pressuring utility companies to offer rebates for solar energy producers, and oftentimes residential solar power systems reduce monthly electrical bills. And unless you believe that climate change is a conspiracy theory made up by power-hungry college professors searching for that sweet, sweet grant money, then there are also environmental solar energy advantages to think about.

But if you’re still on the fence about installing residential solar panels on your property or rooftop, then here are five existential solar energy advantages to consider as well:

1. All The Cool Homeowners Are Doing it

As of 2013, nearly 400,000 U.S. homeowners had discovered solar energy advantages. And by 2020, the U.S. Energy Information Administration projects that 1 million homes will feature solar panels. If you like to think of yourself as a hip, trendsetting American consumer, then it’s time to go green already.

2. Sticking It To The Man!

In high school being a rebel was easy. As a grownup, it’s a little more challenging. And in some cities, homeowner’s associations have restrictions that limit solar energy advantages with hefty building fees. If you want to live by your own rules, then go ahead and install solar panels anyway. If your HA gives you any trouble, just threaten to call the famous Liberal Media.

3. Peer Pressure

Studies show that the biggest indicator of who will install solar systems on their home isn’t actually income. In point of fact, people who live near homes with solar panels are far more likely to go solar themselves. In a nutshell, that means that if you install solar panels on your home, your neighbors are far, far more likely to follow your lead. Install your system first, then sit back and smirk as the rest of the block imitates your trendsetting lifestyle.

4. The Impending Doom

If the thought of rising sea levels, dying polar bears, and mega-droughts keep you up at night, then installing a residential solar energy system might give you peace of mind. It’s one of the unsung solar energy advantages. You’ll hear plenty about financial solar incentives, but not as much about the deep personal pride and satisfaction it can bring you.

5. The Dinner Party Trump Card

“Oh, you’re going to remodel your master bathroom? That’s nice. I’m helping save the world, no big deal.” Okay, so don’t say it like that, but the existential benefits of going green can quickly translate into social solar energy advantages, too. Your solar system will become the talk of the neighborhood overnight.

Of course, going green really does have benefits to the environment. But if you want to ward off existential crises before they happen, then go solar in 2015.




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