4 Reasons Regular Window Cleaning Is a Smart Investment

Window cleaning

Having clean windows is part of good housekeeping. Whether it’s at your personal home or your business, no one wants to live or work in a space that looks and feels dirty. But the benefits of window cleaning go far beyond the aesthetic. Here are four reasons it’s important to schedule window washing services on a regular basis, as well as a few benefits of hiring thorough professional cleaners instead of trying to handle it yourself with a spray bottle full of glass cleaner:

  1. Asset Preservation

    Buildup on your windows doesn’t just look grimy; it actually damages the glass over time. City pollution in particular adheres to windows, and if it isn’t removed promptly that dirty haze can turn into permanent glass corrosion. This is why your windows may appear to have an oily film or cloudiness on them even after a long-overdue cleaning. So hiring a professional protects the investment you’ve already made in your property.

  2. Increased Efficiency

    Removing dirt and grime from windows can contribute to better heat efficiency in a building. This is because letting light and heat into a room significantly warms it. Depending on how many windows you have, cleaning them may be enough to positively affect your electric bill.

  3. Better Air Quality

    When sun hits window buildup, it can create toxic nitrogen dioxide. This is a process called “reoxification.” And if you have windows that open, make sure your window washing company cleans screens, too. Window screens are intended to trap dirt and pollutants in addition to keeping bugs out, but your indoor air won’t be getting better in quality if it’s all filtered through a dusty, dirty screen.

  4. Reduced Liability

    Particularly when it comes to commercial window washing services for multiple-story buildings, hiring a professional can keep you out of serious legal trouble related to worker accidents. The various regulations and licenses required by law vary from state to state, but one thing you should always ask for when vetting a window washing business is proof of insurance. That way, if a window cleaner is injured in a fall, you’re not on the hook.

Wondering how often you need window washing services? The average business will need cleaning at least twice a year, but businesses located in areas with inclement weather or increased pollution (such as from passing cars on a busy street or highway) may need cleaning each season. You can always ask two or three window washing companies in your area for recommendations and quotes and compare them to ensure you’re neither over- nor under-investing.

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