3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Concrete Company

Largest concrete companiesConcrete is a good choice for many home improvement projects. Once you’ve determined that it will work well for the kind of project you’re considering, it’s time to start looking into cement delivery companies in your area. There are many large and small concrete suppliers to choose from, so be sure to do your research before you make a final selection.

First, do you need civil concrete work for a project like a driveway or a patio, or something more like a commercial concrete mix that can stand up to customer traffic all day? From there, you can start narrowing down your options based off of who is local, what their prices, are, what kind of guarantees they offer, etc. Always check to make sure the company offers some kind of warranty for the work as well.

Remember, concrete providers are just like any other business you may want to contract with. It’s well worth taking the time to investigate the company and make sure no major complaints have been filed against them. Shoddy work is not only unsightly, but it can be downright dangerous as well.

Concrete is a durable and attractive material that is routinely used in outdoor projects such as driveway paving and landscaping (as well as inside structural elements such as foundations, basements and subfloors). If you’re considering incorporating concrete into your next outdoor project, here are a few things you should do and think about first:

  1. Consider Your Climate – Concrete is strong, but also fairly brittle. This means that it isn’t always the ideal choice for driveways and similar projects in areas where the ground freezes often (concrete cracks, and while it can be repaired, seams are often unattractive). Concrete is, however, the go-to-choice for patios almost anyplace. The one big thing to consider is if any large trees are located near the desired spot, since tree roots can lift up concrete and ruin it. Concrete is also a good choice for retaining walls and other landscaping projects — just be sure to ask local contractors what kind of sealing or maintenance will be necessary based on your local weather.
  2. Know Your Options – One of the greatest advantages of concrete over asphalt when it comes to driveways and outdoor landscaping projects is that concrete can by dyed and stamped into a wide variety of patterns. Additives can even be mixed in to further modify the standard concrete look. Keep in mind that not all concrete suppliers will offer these specialty concrete services; the largest concrete companies may not always provide the most services, but they’re certainly more likely to offer a broad range of options when compared to small concrete contractors (who tend to stick to plain basement and driveway projects).
  3. Screen Prospective Companies – Once you’ve found a few concrete construction companies that can offer your desired service, it’s time to do some background checking. Read online reviews and ensure that no complaints have been filed against the businesses. Also be sure when comparing quotes to ask about any ongoing maintenance or warranty provisions.

Would you tend to go with the largest concrete companies in your area, or smaller local concrete companies? Share your experience and advice in the comments.

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